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Will Greedy Teachers Union Screw over Their Students?

According to a letter-to-the-editor in the Las Vegas Sun written by public school teacher Brian Backman, if teachers don’t agree to “wage or benefit concessions” then the world will come to an end in the public schools, including “no advanced placement programs, no band, no theater, no orchestra, no library, no support for English-language learning or special education and class sizes approaching 50 or more.”

Oh, puh-lease. Must these hyperbolic public trough feeders always exaggerate in terms that would make Paul Bunyan blush?

But more importantly, keep in mind EXACTLY what Mr. Backman wrote. If a plague of program cuts does, in fact, materialize, it will be because the teachers union refused to make minor but necessary salary and benefit concessions. Which means we’re about to find out if these “public servants” really care about the children….or only themselves.

Place your bets! Place your bets!


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