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Wiley Might Quit, or Wiley Might Not

U.S. Senate candidate Mike Wiley (R-Pluto) seems to be (a) having trouble understanding plain English, and (b) keeping track of all of the drivel he writes.

Yesterday, I wrote: “Mike Wiley sent out an email this week indicating he might not run for the United States Senate in the Nevada GOP primary after all.”

The operative word in that sentence is “might.”

Mike Wiley responded yesterday afternoon: “Please send a copy of the e-mail you say I sent out saying I was going to resign.”

The main point being, of course, that I never wrote that he “was” going to resign, only that he “might.”

And of course I’m not going to send him a copy of the email so that he can find out who shared it with me. However, I will quote directly from it and let readers decide whether or not Wiley indicated he “might” quit the race:

“I for one will drop out of this race in a few months if the people I know who may want to support me, can’t support me.”

I mean, pretty much plain as day, right?

And since the people most likely to support Mike Wiley live on other planets and aren’t allowed to vote for or contribute to his campaign, dropping out in a few months would seem to be, based on his own words, a foregone conclusion.

Thanks for writing, Mike. It’s always fun making fun of you….though it is a bit like shooting fishsticks in the freezer.


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