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Why They Like Mike

Some in the mainstream media, the Left and Orrin Johnson just don’t understand how the members of the Nevada Republican Party, consisting of a lot of tea party activists, could elect Michael McDonald by a whopping 2-1 margin with all his “baggage.”

Actually, it’s quite simple. The members of the GOP Central Committee couldn’t care less what the mainstream media, the Left or Orrin Johnson think. In fact, the very fact that the mainstream media, the Left and Orrin Johnson are attacking Michael McDonald endears McDonald to many members all the more.

One of the prime rules of politics is to communicate with and take care of your constituents. And McDonald – unlike most current and former elected officials – has been actively involved with the party and its Central Committee members since I was the Clark County Republican Party chairman and he was running for the Las Vegas City Council way back in 1995.

Say whatever else you want about Chairman McDonald, but he’s paid his party dues and then some…unlike many of his critics.


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