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Why “The Mask” starring Steve Sisolak is a Major Flop

(Chuck Muth) – It is impossible to overstate just how badly Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has screwed up the handling of the COVID19 situation.

He can’t make a firm decision to save his life, contradicts himself on every half-decision he does make, and has surrounded himself with way too many incompetents – especially his communications team.

The biggest failure, of course, has been his administration’s handling of the hundreds of thousands of unemployment claims the #SisolakShutdown created.  How bad?  Click here

Meanwhile, government nannies and assorted “Karens” are kvetching hysterically over the fact that so many people are refusing to wear face diapers and socially distance themselves from their fellow human beings.

But Baron von Sisolak has only himself to blame for that.

Every time this guy says his decisions dealing with the Chinese Wuhan Virus are based on “science,” everyone knows they’re really based politics.  Every time he uses the word “science,” people know he’s telling yet another whopper.

It started right out of the gate when von Sisolak ordered the closure of “non-essential” businesses while allowing construction on the “essential” Raiders’ stadium to continue.  And it’s been all downhill from there.

Further damaging his credibility is his ongoing crackdown on church services while not only greenlighting, but enthusiastically supporting the recent protests, race riots and looting by thousands throughout the state.

So when von Sisolak lectures us like little kids to “Wear a mask,” most of us respond with, “Up yours.”

And while we’re on this subject, the Nevada Gaming Control Board is now ordering all casino patrons to wear a face diaper when playing table games.  Which raises a couple of questions…

When did the members of the Gaming Control Board become “health experts”?  And who elected them?

Answer: They’re not.  And nobody. They’re appointed.  Sisolak’s handmaidens.  Doing his dirty work.

When will gaming wake up and say enough of this $#%&?

P.S.  Thanks to the #SisolakShutdown, NOT the coronavirus, Nevada continues to lead the nation in unemployment at over 25%.  Heckuva job, Gov.

Drive-By Muthings

* Still waiting for election results to made official later today.  However, it looks like all five GOP primary winners in competitive general election races for state Assembly are Tax Pledge signers.  Now they just have to win in the general.

A detailed post-election analysis coming soon.

* My friend Danny Tarkanian appears to have ousted an incumbent Douglas County commissioner by 17 votes.  Perseverance pays.  Congrats, Danny!

* I was forwarded a post-election email put out this morning by an unsuccessful GOP candidate in Nevada’s 4th congressional district primary.  In it she used the words “I,” “me” or “my” an astonishing 102 times.  She used the words “you” or “your” … 6 times.

She came in dead last among eight candidates with 2% of the vote.  Go figure.

Note to Candidates: Elections are about the voters…NOT YOU.

* In his second Inaugural Address, President Abraham Lincoln called on Americans to “bind up the nation’s wounds” from the Civil War “with malice toward none.”

Yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi removed the portraits of four former House Speakers – Democrats all – from the Capitol because they served in the Confederacy.  Seems San Fran Nan is hellbent on starting a new civil war rather than continuing to bind the wounds of the last one.

* We have Black Lives Matter.  Black History Month.  Black Entertainment Television.  Congressional Black Caucus.  Miss Black USA.  Historically Black Colleges & Universities.  Black Chamber of Commerce.  Association of Black Accountants.  Association of Black Journalists.  Black Nurses Association.  Society of Black Engineers.  Society of Black Physicists.  Black Racers Association.  Union of Black Episcopalians.  Association of Black Firefighters.

But it’s white people who are racist?  Got it.

* So a black man with a lengthy criminal record was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis and the casualties thus far include private and government property, a Metro police officer shot in the head, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and the “Hey Reb” statue on the campus of UNLV.  Makes perfect sense.

On the plus side, my wallet thanks the PC mob for their stupidity.  Won’t be wasting any more money going to UNLV games.

* We’ve also lost the Land o’ Lakes butter lady, and the Washington Redskins and Kansas City Chiefs are under attack again.  Oh, and Louisville Slugger will no longer make commemorative nightsticks used for fundraising for the Louisville Metro Police Foundation.

* Over a million people have registered to attend President Donald Trump’s rally in Tulsa, OK this weekend.  But the media still wants you to believe Sleepy Joe Biden is leading in the polls and will win in November.  Fat chance.  Landslide’s coming.

* The Las Vegas Sun was sad in an editorial yesterday that liberal “Little Dan” Schwartz lost his GOP primary for Nevada’s 3rd congressional district to conservative “Big Dan” Rodimer.  So now you know for sure the GOP nominated the “right” candidate.

* A Republican elected official attended the Clark County GOP’s convention. She said some things that hurt Chairman David Sadsack’s tender sensibilities. So he issued a letter of rebuke – on his own without approval of the party’s Central Committee members.

The press and the party’s opponents seized on the letter.  The Republican elected official is now facing a recall.  Lesson: If you’re an elected Republican, avoid Sadsack and the Clark County Republican Party at all costs.

* I wonder if Ellen Spiegel still supports “vote harvesting.”  She led early in the Dem primary for Senate District 7.  But late-arriving mail ballots put Harry Reid disciple Roberta Lange in the winner’s circle.  But I’m sure everything was on the up-and-up.

2020 Tax Pledge Signers in Nevada

  • CD02: Mark Amodei
  • CD03: Dan Rodimer
  • CD04: Jim Marchant
  • SD11: Joshua Dowden
  • AD02: Heidi Kasama
  • AD04: Richard McArthur
  • AD07: Tony Palmer
  • AD10: Jonathan Friedrich
  • AD15: Stan Vaughan
  • AD19: Annie Black
  • AD26: Lisa Krasner
  • AD31: Jill Dickman
  • AD37: Andy Matthews
  • AD38: Robin Titus
  • AD39: Jim Wheeler


“DA in Atlanta says man who resisted arrest, stole an officer’s Taser, punched at an officer and fired a Taser at an officer ‘never presented himself as a threat.’ This is insanity.” – Columnist Victor Joecks

“Congress is voting on law enforcement ‘reform’ next week.  There will be no hearings/input from real cops.  My colleagues never had to take down a 6’4” angry 20 yr old jacked on meth and coke.  They have no biz dictating rules for cops without input.” – Rep. Paul Gosar

“The number of whites who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in the United States and in the American colonies before that put together.” – Thomas Sowell

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