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Why I Might Temporarily *Identify* As a Woman

(Chuck Muth) – Growing up it was drilled into me that it was a woman’s God-given right to change her mind.  Well, I’m on the verge of doing just that on a major issue and need some cover.

And since it now seems accepted that men can simply *identify* as women and compete against them in women’s sports, I figure I might just take advantage of the opportunity.

Last September I announced that I was going to “sheath my sword” with the Assembly Republican Caucus (ARC).

I agreed not to recruit or support candidates challenging incumbent members of the caucus for this cycle and even helped them raise a little “seed” money.  But I’m seriously thinking about changing my mind and reversing that decision.

Here’s why…

If Republicans in the State Senate lose one seat this year and Republicans fail to pick-up one seat in the State Assembly, Democrats will achieve a super-majority in both houses of the Legislature and render Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo a virtual “lame duck” going into the next session.

Said Democrats passed so many bad bills last year that Gov. Lombardo was forced to veto a record-setting 75 of them.

If Democrats get into a super-majority in both houses this November, they’ll have the votes to override vetoes and pass California-like bills that will cripple, if not destroy, our state.

So the stakes are SKY HIGH for each and every one of us.

Now, looking at the Democrats’ gerrymandered electoral map, there’s a very good chance Republicans could end up in a super-minority in the Senate.  So it’s critical that the GOP gets out of its super-minority in the Assembly where it has a much better shot.

As such, Gov. Lombardo has put together a political team to rival the Democrats’ “Reid Machine.”  That team has been actively recruiting, vetting, training, and supporting high-quality GOP Assembly candidates for months now.

And the governor himself has stuck his neck WAY OUT by not only endorsing strong GOP candidates but doing it early and often since the end of last summer.  He’s putting it all on the line at great political risk, something his GOP predecessor (“He Who Shall Not Be Named”) never did.

The Assembly Democrat Caucus, of course, ain’t taking it lying down.  They, too, have been actively endorsing candidates early and often to protect their super-majority and increase it.

And then there’s the Assembly Republican Caucus.

Filing for office opens in just seven weeks.  SEVEN WEEKS!

Yet ARC has yet to announce even a single official candidate endorsement – even though the governor himself has already endorsed each and every one of the Assembly Republican incumbents.

It’s almost as if they’re HAPPY in their irrelevance.

(NOTE: That graphic doesn’t include Richard McArthur because he’s not running for re-election, nor Heidi Kasama who announced she was running for re-election after the graphic was posted)

Here’s how bad – and stupid – this is…

David Brog – a strong candidate with an excellent chance to “flip” Assembly District 37 in Clark County – announced a few days ago that he’s already raised an impressive $150,000 and has been *personally* endorsed by all 14 members of ARC.

Yet ARC itself still hasn’t officially endorsed him!

Are these people insane or just politically brain-dead?

Brog’s fundraising has obviously overcome the caucus’ political dilly-dallying; however, other candidates are running into brick walls when they call lobbyists and PACs seeking donations.

They’re being told no money until they know who ARC is endorsing.  Which to date is…nobody.

Not even the Assembly candidates the governor has already endorsed.

Not even the candidate that all 14 members have already personally endorsed.

Why not?

Because they’re too busy fighting among themselves like kids in a sandbox playing King of the Hill.

It’s because of internal bickering by factions already jockeying for leadership positions in the next session – even if they remain in a super-minority – instead of fighting to get out of their super-minority.

Some members are resisting doing ANY endorsements before the primary in June – which is about as dumb as it comes. Playing “Switzerland” isn’t leadership.  It’s a dereliction of duty.  It’s also political suicide.

Republicans FINALLY have a governor willing to go toe-to-toe and do battle with the opposition – and ARC members are just standing on the sidewalk with their thumbs up their keisters watching the parade go by.

In the past, ARC criteria for an official caucus endorsement was a 2/3-vote of members. Brog obviously has met that threshold.

Yet the caucus is still withholding its official endorsement?  WTF?

Members are very tight-lipped about this.  There’s a high level of paranoia about “telling Chuck Muth anything” about what goes on behind closed doors.  So it’s pretty much been radio silence from members.

But they do tell others who they think won’t tell me a thing.

Um, they’ve got another think coming.

I know about the dysfunction even if the members themselves won’t talk to me.  I know what the internal p*ssing matches over rules and bylaws are all about. It’s worse than going to a GOP Central Committee meeting!

I know exactly who the “bad guys” are who are trying to screw this up for Republicans.  And if they don’t get their act together FAST, I’ve already spoken with former conservative Republican Assemblywoman Annie Black about possibly resurrecting her AnniePAC and using it to field candidates in GOP selective primaries this year after all.

And, as a reminder, winning GOP primaries against Assembly incumbents in Republican-majority districts where there’s no risk of the GOP losing the seat is something I know a little about. In fact, Annie’s one of them.

So, ARC, consider this a warning shot across your bow.  The rest of us are busting our asses to get you out of the super-minority because it affects US, too.

And if certain members aren’t willing to do what’s necessary and politically smart with these endorsements, we’ll find Republican replacements who are.

Get your sh*t together so we can follow Gov. Lombardo’s example and get sh*t done.

And with that said, it’s Wild-Card Sunday.  Are you ready for some football?!!



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