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Why I Blocked this Jabba the Hut Stunt Double on Twitter

WARNING!  Profane language ahead (his, not mine)…

After years of suffering fools/trolls on Twitter, I’ve finally come to my senses and am following actor James Woods’ example and insta-blocking the worst of the worst – starting with, and this is so sad for so many children, a hate-filled, profane, race-baiting black Clark County public school teacher named Erik Huey.

This guy is an idiot of enormous proportions…literally.

Below are some of Baby Huey’s “deep” thoughts from just the past week.  I’m reprinting his tweets (@erikhuey) verbatim, including his profanities.  If such language offends you, please stop reading right now!

And remember, this guy teaches in a public school.  As you’ll see, it’s no wonder we’re last in the nation in education…

  • “For the record, Michelle (Obama) is graceful, elegant, sophisticated.  Melania (Trump) is a porn slut. Skanky.”
  • “Probably the first time he’s ever been this close to a black child.” (Tweet about photograph of President Trump picking up a little black girl and giving her a kiss while touring Houston hurricane devastation)
  • “You’re bullshit. Do your own fucking job. Being a real puss and hiding behind Sessions is not doing YOUR job.” (Tweet about President Trump)
  • “Unfuckingbelieveable. Hey @POTUS hey @realDonaldTrump why be a pussy? Face the music your damn self.” (Tweet about Trump’s decision to rescind Obama’s unconstitutional DACA/executive amnesty order)
  • “Fucking Keebler elf has a smile on his face.  Rotten scumbag.” (Tweet about conservative Attorney General Jeff Sessions)
  • “Niger. Another coon who’s so far up Chump’s ass, he can smell his bullshit and not flinch.” (Tweet about conservative black activist Niger Innis)
  • “Well if the term fits.  I’d just call you a shithead.” (Tweet directed at conservative author/columnist Ann Coulter)
  • “Sheriff Cowboy Coon Clarke’s Milwaukee?” (Tweet about black conservative Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke)
  • “Stop lyin, you coon.” (Tweet directed at black conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson)
  • “You’re a coon for discussing this for black families without talking about white families.” (Tweet directed at black conservative talk-show host Larry Elder in response to Elder’s tweet pointing out that 75% of black children are born today out of wedlock)
  • “What a female dog.” (Tweet about conservative Education Secretary Betsy DeVos)
  • “Go Irma….Yeah!” (Commenting on news report that Hurricane Irma was forcing Donald Trump’s Mar-a-lago resort to evacuate)
  • “Fuck that wall” (Deep thought on proposed border wall with Mexico)
  • “Kind of a stretch, eh fucker…I mean Tucker.” (Tweet directed at conservative FOX News host Tucker Carlson)
  • “This man can go to hell also.  Fucking nazi.” (Tweet about conservative Republican Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach)
  • “What a heartless sick fuck.  Is there a nazi or a KKK emoji?” – (Another tweet about Kobach)
  • “But u Nazis can roam around freely in the streets? Fuck u both. Steve KKKing needs to go play in traffic & Joe, go pay your child support.” (Tweet about conservative Republican Rep. Steve King and former conservative GOP Congressman Joe Walsh)
  • “Hit the road jack and don’t ya come back no mo no mo no mo no mo.” (On conservative Eric Bolling’s departure from FOX News on the same day Bolling’s 19-year-old son died)
  • “Hey rethuglicans…better talk to your girl.” (“Rethuglicans”  How clever!)

I think you can understand why I’ve blocked this intellectually deficient moron.

But what I can’t understand is why the Clark County school district continues to allow such a hate-filled, profane jackass to pollute young minds in a public school classroom.

Indeed, it was just three weeks ago, as kids began returning to school, that Clark County School Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky posted a memo that included the following…

“We encourage all educators to be culturally responsive at all times, and now is an especially important time to help your students be respectful of each other.”

Is calling black people a “coon” an example of being “culturally responsive”?

How about calling the First Lady a “porn slut”?  Is that what Clark County educators consider “respectful?

Baby Huey never should have been allowed to teach in a public school classroom in the first place.  But I’m sure he hides his latent hatefulness from his bosses.  He’s in the closet.

But in light of what I just exposed above, he should be fired tomorrow.

If you’d like to email Mr. Skorkowsky, his email address is:


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