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Why Hickey has no friends coming to his defense

In his grammar-plagued Weekly Report on Sunday, Jon Ralston asked folks if they thought Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey would survive his “Hurray, minorities won’t vote in 2014!” gaffe. One person responded thusly…

“Not for the long haul but not because of this. The reason no one has had Pat Hickey’s back on this is because he never stands up for anyone else. … The reaction is less about what was said than about Hickey never stepping out for someone else. This issue has exposed to the public what many already know – that Hickey has his job out of default, rather than the support of his colleagues or a trust in his leadership.”

This response pretty much parallels my own observations.

It’s not what Hickey said in the interview that hurts him so much; it’s that he’s been a lousy, do-nothing, stand-for-nothing, mushy moderate Gumby “leader” who avoids confrontation like the plague…unless it’s a confrontation with conservatives. But I’m sugar-coating it.

Meanwhile Reno Gazette-Journal reporter Ray Hagar wrote today that it doesn’t look like Hickey plans to step down on his own; not based on the impressive guest list for a fundraiser for Hickey in Reno planned for October 15.

Ah, but those donors don’t get a caucus vote!


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