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Why Government Sucks: Another in a (Long) Series

If this doesn’t make your blood boil, you have no heart. From today’s Las Vegas Review-Journal:

“A homeless single mother who lives in her van pleaded not guilty Wednesday to stealing $16,000 worth of education for her son by enrolling the kindergartner in her baby-sitter’s school district. Tanya McDowell, 33, was arrested April 14 on felony charges of committing and attempting to commit first-degree larceny.”

McDowell’s 5-year-old son, A.J., “was removed from Nowalk’s (CT) Brookside Elementary School in January and now lives with relatives in Bridgeport.” The “bewildered” A.J. doesn’t understand “why he was kicked out of his school.”

Yeah, that makes two of us!

All we ever hear from bleeding heart liberals and government school defenders is how important education is and how our children are the future, blah, blah, blah. But then the government tosses a poor 5-year-old kid out on his keister and throws his unemployed, homeless mom in the clink all for trying to get her child a good education?

Lousy, rotten, stinkin’, no-good, bureaucrat sons of…

Sorry, I start channeling Lewis Black there for a second!

The prosecutors in this case ought to be keel-hauled (see, Commander Lippold, I WAS paying attention!). And not only should the school be forced to let little A.J. back in, it ought to be forced to hire A.J.’s mom, who is an out-of-work cook, in the school cafeteria. Fire some useless, lame-ass teachers union official and pay Ms. McDowell’s salary out that money.

And liberals ought to be screaming bloody murder. Where are they? Why do us conservatives always have to be the ones coming to the defense of the most vulnerable in our society?


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