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Who’s in Favor of Revenue Neutral Tax Reform?

Question: Whose position is the following: “I think the only way to get tax reform through the Legislature in the next two years is to have it be revenue neutral.”

  • Conservative activist Chuck Muth
  • Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston
  • Conservative State Sen. Michael Roberson
  • Liberal State Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie
  • Conservative think-tank economist Geoff Lawrence
  • Democrat strategist Billy Vassiliadis

Answer: Although the exact quote came from Leslie this weekend, it’s pretty much the position of ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Of course, I’ve advocated this position for YEARS; folks such as Leslie are only now coming around. But better late than never. In any event, there’s no reason not to move forward with discussions on REVENUE NEUTRAL tax reform between the Left and Right. The stars are aligned. Only thing we need now is leadership on this issue from…who?


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