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When Your Cocaine Absolutely, Positively Has to Be There Overnight

From Beth Warren of the Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tennessee:

“Corrupt law enforcement officers in Memphis, Texas and Mexico helped the city’s most notorious drug-trafficking organization flourish for more than a decade, a drug dealer told federal court jurors Tuesday. Convicted trafficker Orlando Pride also testified that the organization he served routinely used FedEx to ship millions of dollars worth of cocaine from Mexico to the U.S.”

“Pride also told jurors the organization loaded 200 kilograms of cocaine ‘in a crate as big as a casket’ in Mexico and shipped it to the United States by way of FedEx for distribution in Memphis and throughout the South. In all, there were 45 different FedEx shipments — each carrying an estimated street value of more than $4 million, he said.”

Why use drug-runners when you can just FedEx, right? But something tells me the shipping giant won’t be featuring Mr. Pride as its spokesman in TV commercials anytime soon.


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