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Wheeler Calls Out Kite Over Tax Hikes

Conservative GOP Assembly candidate Jim Wheeler on Monday called out his opponent, incumbent Assemblyman Kelly Kite (R-District 39), over his vote last year to raise $620 million worth of taxes by extending the “temporary” taxes that were supposed to “sunset” last June, as well as his refusal to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge promising not to do it again.

“I publicly ask the incumbent if he will once again vote for these job-killing taxes, or will he stand up with the majority of the constituents of the 39th Assembly District and fight these new taxes?” Wheeler asks of Kite in a press release. “My own position is crystal clear: The voters don’t want it, so I won’t support it.”

“Unlike my opponent,” Wheeler added, “I proudly signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. This means not only will I vote to carry out my fellow citizen’s wishes; I will lobby hard against these new taxes with my fellow legislators.” Wheeler concluded by calling on Kite to join him in signing the Pledge.

Good for Jim Wheeler. This is why primaries are a good thing.


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