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Whatsamatta with Woodhouse?

I’m the government and I just want to keep helping. That’s the sales message coming from Democrats such as Nevada state Sen. Joyce Woodhouse (D-Henderson) up and down the ballot this election cycle. And voters/taxpayers would be insane to keep buying the snake oil.

“I depend on your support and commitment to help me get back to Carson City to fight for the future of Nevada’s families,” wrote Woodhouse in an email to supporters on Friday. “We all know what has to be done, and I cannot wait to return to the Legislature to continue fixing our economy and education system.”

Thanks, Joyce….but no thanks. Haven’t you done enough damage already?

You see, Ms. Woodhouse is (a) a retired teachers union shill who is largely responsible for the miserable state our public education system today, and (b) as an incumbent voted for all the spending we couldn’t afford for stuff we didn’t need along with a billion dollars worth of higher taxes to pay for it in the middle of The Great Recession in 2009.

Nevada simply cannot afford any more “help” from the likes of Joyce Woodhouse.

In a separate email a couple days earlier, the senator from the NEA wrote that “As a former teacher and principal in Nevada, I dedicated my life to making sure every child has the opportunity to succeed…”

What pure flapdoodle.

We live in the United States of America, the greatest country in the universe. Every child is born here with an inherent “opportunity to succeed.” It’s part of our birthright. Joyce Woodhouse isn’t responsible for a single child being given “the opportunity to succeed.” That opportunity was bequeathed to us thanks to the likes of Tommy Jefferson and Georgie Washington – neither of whom belonged to a teachers union.

No, the way to judge elected officials like Joyce Woodhouse isn’t on “opportunities to succeed” that already exist, but results. The question isn’t whether or not every child who entered a Woodhouse-supported public school classroom had an opportunity to succeed, but whether or not every child came out of that public school classroom with an excellent education.

They have not. Not even close. In fact, some have actually come out worse than when they went in.

In addition, Sen. Woodhouse wrote that “As a legislator, I fought for Green Jobs legislation that will attract new businesses and industries to Nevada to create jobs.”

Really? Then why does Nevada lead the nation in unemployment? Where are all these magic environmental-wacko “green jobs” that we’ve been promised that are supposed to turn Nevada from an economic basket case back into the promised land?

If only political hot air from politicians could be harnessed as a clean source of renewable energy.

I am so sick and tired of giving nice elderly ladies like Joyce Woodhouse a pass on the disastrous results their policies lead to simply because they are well-intentioned. But tryin’ don’t get the job done.

The fact is Joyce Woodhouse and her likeminded colleagues are the problem, not the solution. The voters and taxpayers of her district should have their heads examined if they send her back to Carson City where she will continue to make all the wrong decisions for our economy and our children’s education.

Woodhouse claims in her email that she’s been holding town meetings to discuss the issues with the citizens and voters of her district. Fine. But we’re talking about an election now. A choice between continuing the failed policies and philosophies of a career government employee and her private sector challenger, Republican candidate Mike Roberson.

Enough with the dog-and-pony shows. Let’s see if Joyce Woodhouse’s track record and belief system – especially in the areas of jobs and education – can stand up to challenge and questioning side-by-side with her opponent. Bring on the debates!

Or will Ms. Woodhouse “pull a Copening” and just hide from her opponent for the duration of the campaign season? Inquiring voters wanna know.


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