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What Does Lippold Do Now?

The Nevada Supreme Court today overruled Secretary of State Ross Miller and said the political parties are allowed to select their candidates for the September CD2 special election to fill the vacancy created when then-Rep. Dean Heller was appointed to fill the seat of former Sen. John What’s-His-Name.

And that brings to a grinding halt the campaign of fellow Republican candidate Kirk Lippold, who said he would run regardless of the party’s pick had the Supremes approved a free-for-all election. Now Lippold will have to wait to run for the seat in 2012 when either Republican Mark Amodei or Democrat “Calamity” Kate Marshall are up for re-election, depending on which wins the special election.

Now, if Marshall wins, no problemo for Lippold. But what if Amodei wins? And what if Amodei, like Heller, goes to Washington and chalks up a solidly conservative voting record – which is highly likely since Republicans control the House and, therefore, the legislative agenda? On what grounds does Lippold challenge incumbent Amodei in the GOP primary in 2012?

It could well be that the only person to lose bigger with Tuesday’s Court ruling than SoS Miller is the former commander of the USS Cole.


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