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Welcome to the Grand Delusion

Gov. Jim Gibbons is still governing in denial, telling anybody who will listen that he was the taxpayers’ savior this session and that without him the Billion Dollar Tax Hike would have been much worse. In a word….


Now, I give the governor credit for being against the tax hikes after he was for them (the room tax he included in his budget last January), but the ONLY reason the Billion Dollar Tax Hike wasn’t higher is that Republicans in the state Senate wouldn’t agree to it being any higher.

Of course, without the support of those Republicans, the tax hike would have been….zero. Gee, thanks guys.

That said, had Gibbons engaged and worked with Republicans in the Legislature better (OK, at all), perhaps the Billion Dollar Tax Hike would have been LOWER. So contrary to Gibbons’ ridiculously absurd claim that he kept the tax hike from being more, he was actually responsible for it being HIGHER than it had to be.

Thanks, Jimbo. Bang up job. It’s still not too late to resign.


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