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Welcome to RALSTON | Retorts

Jon Ralston, Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, never misses an opportunity to slam a conservative or ridicule a typo, grammar error or other mistake. And quite often, his own “facts” are…well, wrong. Plus his own blog posts (no Nevada newspaper runs his columns any longer) are littered with the same kinds of typos, grammar errors and other mistakes that he criticizes others for.

So on Sunday I decided to shine a light on Ralston’s childishness and hypocrisy by creating a new website project for Citizen Outreach: RALSTON | Retorts.

The essence of the site is really quite simple: When Ralston lies, tells half-truths, gets facts wrong, makes a grammar mistake, spells a word incorrectly, etc., in his Ralston Reports blog, we’ll be right there to call him on it. Wait’ll you see all the foul-ups I posted just from yesterday alone!

Especially the one where Ralston “pulled a Hickey” and wrote about the “spadework” a black Republican candidate has been doing. Absolutely unbelievable. What a dick.

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