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We Will if They Will

Las Vegas SUN columnist Jon Ralston put out this tweet on Friday: “Hey, NV media tweeps, let’s agree, as @schwartznews 1st pointed out, D tax increase is $1.2B. $300M is additional revenue from projections.”

Fair enough. Tell you what: I’ll stop saying the Democrat tax hike is $1.5 billion when the other side stops claiming the over-spending deficit is $2.5 billion when the actual over-spending deficit in the general fund is now around $200 million thanks to the additional revenue from projections.


Yeah, I didn’t think so. Back to opposing the Democrats’ $1.5 billion tax hike.

Which reminds me: In an otherwise meaningless op/ed in today’s Las Vegas Sun trying to sell his $1.5 billion tax hike, Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford declared that “the current modified business tax hurts small business and hampers job creation.”

Well, um, duh. Those of us on the right have been saying that for, like, six years now.

So, Sen. Horsford, if Nevada leads the nation in unemployment – and it does – then why not repeal the modified business tax right now? Immediately. This week. I’m pretty certain you can get plenty of Republicans to go along with you in the spirit of bipartisanship you so desperately crave. So what are you waiting for? Repeal it, stimulate job creation and let’s move on.

So let it be written; so let it be done.


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