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We Want More from Sierra Ciara!

Ciara Matthews, communications czarina for the Nevada Republican Party, inked a thoughtful, insightful column on Sen. Harry Reid on Sunday, dispelling the myth that we need his power and position. Not only that, but it was written in plain English, not Washington-speak. Not once did she use the phrases “liberal cronies” or “out of touch.”

Indeed, the only thing we could argue with in the screed was this sentence: “Harry Reid’s chief responsibility as a United State senator is to look out for the interests of the citizens he represents – the people of the great state of Nevada.”

Um, no. In fact, every U.S. senator’s chief responsibility is to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Indeed, each one takes an oath to that effect once elected.

But other than that, Matthews’ column – the first example of anything intelligent, original and relevant to come out of either the Clark County or Nevada GOP party organizations in many, many months – was spot on. I don’t know where the Republican Party has been hiding her or why, but as communications directors go, she obviously has a talent for….communications. Go figure.

We need to see and hear more from Ciara Matthews – especially since we have a general election coming up in less than four months. What the heck is the GOP waiting for? “Engage Maverick, engage!”


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