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Washington Post Unwittingly Provides Election Reform Platform for GOP

(Chuck Muth) – The far-left Washington Post, owned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, is certainly no fan of conservatives or Republicans.

But a recent article on proposed election reforms in Congress, meant to slam the GOP, ironically made the case FOR such changes.

WaPo maintains that the proposed “American Confidence in Elections Act” will “make voting more difficult” and details some aspects of the bill – specifically focusing on Washington, DC, which falls under the governance of Congress.

Provisions include, according to Pravda on the Potomac…

  • Banning “federal agencies from helping register voters or even encouraging people to participate.”

Anyone legally eligible to vote can quickly and easily do so.  Why should tax dollars be used to browbeat citizens into registering to vote?  That’s the job of the individual political parties and/or campaigns.

  • Require voters “to show a photo identification card to cast a ballot.”

You know, like what’s required to cash a check, buy a beer, board an airplane, donate blood, or pick up a prescription.

  • Create books “that compile photographs of every registered voter for poll workers to check.”

How does checking to see if the voter in front of a poll worker looks like the photo of the voter on file “make voting more difficult”?  All it actually does is make cheating more difficult.

  • “Ban same-day voter registration.”

Imagine that – requiring voters to register to vote early enough for election officials to verify if the voter is, indeed, eligible to vote before giving them a ballot. Go figure.

  • “Restrict the use of ballot drop boxes.”

Common sense, really.  Stuffing ballot boxes isn’t exactly a new thing.  Obviously, security precautions should be put in place.

  • Forbid “mailing absentee ballots unless requested by the voter.”

WaPo notes that the executive director of the DC Board of Elections has admitted that “tens of thousands of unrequested ballots got returned as undeliverable in 2020 and 2022.”

Why should absentee ballots be mailed to someone who hasn’t requested one?  Colossal waste of tax dollars in addition to making it easier to cheat, not harder to vote.

  • Forbidding the counting of ballots “that arrive by mail after polls close on Election Day.”

If you want to pay your electric, water or phone bill on time by check, everyone knows you must mail it early enough for the post office to deliver it by the due date.  Why should mailing a ballot be any different?

  • Bans “noncitizen voting.”

You’d have to be brain-dead to oppose this.

  • Requiring “the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to provide voter data to states at no cost so they can remove dead voters and noncitizens from their rolls.”

Why shouldn’t taxpayer-funded federal agencies be required to provide secretaries of state the information they need to protect the security of elections and stop ineligible voters from casting ballots?

Thank you, WaPo, for inadvertently outlining a common sense and popular election reform platform for every GOP candidate up and down the ballot to run on next year.


“I took the name ‘Crooked’ away from Hillary (Clinton) and we gave her a new name – ‘beautiful’.  I call her beautiful. She’s so beautiful.” – Donald Trump at TPUSA conference on Saturday

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