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WARNING: New Campus Carry Screw-Job in the Works!

Lord, I hope this isn’t true.

But if it is, it might be the biggest snooker since Jack sold his mom’s cow for that handful of magic beans.

Recall that last week the Not-So-Great-Eight stood with Democrats to kill Assembly Judiciary Chairman Ira Hansen’s plan to include Assemblywoman Michele Fiore’s campus carry legislation (AB148) as an amendment to another gun bill (SB175) sponsored and highly cherished by Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson.

The majority of pro-gun Republicans in the Assembly believed that amendment was the ONLY possibility for getting campus carry approved this session by the state Senate, where Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Brower has been standing in the schoolhouse door blocking a vote on it.

But the Not-So-Great-Eight said they had a better idea.

So they voted with the Democrats to keep campus carry out of SB175 and instead persuaded Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick to use one of his “emergency” bills to create a new-and-unimproved, stand-alone campus carry bill (AB487) with the exact same language as the amendment.

The leader of the Not-So-Great-Eight, Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, said in a conference callMonday morning that he had a strategy – which he declined to outline – to get the new campus carry bill approved by the Senate.

In addition, two other members of the Not-So-Great-Eight, Assemblyman Paul Anderson and Assemblyman Chris Edwards, assured everybody that their plan and the new bill would make it past the Senate and onto the governor’s desk for signature.

And if it does, that would be GREAT!

Unfortunately, I’m hearing that the campus carry bill the Not-So-Great-Eight are championing in hopes of covering their butts for killing the best chance to pass campus carry this session could end up being like an ice cream cone that doesn’t have any ice cream!

That’s right.

Word on the street is that the Senate is going to pass the Not-So-Great-Eight’s campus carry bill, but only after it strips out…CAMPUS CARRY!


There are essentially two major parts to the bill.  Part one is to allow people to take their guns with them to school, but they have to lock them up in their cars.  Part two allows people with concealed carry permits to actually carry their weapons with them on campus.

I’m being told the Senate plans to take out part two and allow part one…and thus the Not-So-Great-Eight will be able to claim, falsely, that they’re strategic genius led to passing a campus carry bill.

Only, um, without campus carry.

And supposedly the Not-So-Great-Eight KNEW ABOUT THIS at the time they proposed their new “emergency” bill – which, of course, would have been completely unnecessary if they had just gotten with the program and passed the campus carry amendment to SB175 last week.

When Assemblyman Wheeler was asked about the specific strategy for passing campus carry in the Senate in our conference call yesterday, he said he wasn’t prepared to explain exactly what was being negotiated.

If this turns out to be true, we’ll know why!

Look, here’s the bottom line…

Amanda Collins was grabbed and sexually assaulted in the parking garage at the University of Nevada, Reno BEFORE she ever made it to her car.

Allowing Amanda to lock her gun in her glove compartment would have done NOTHING to protect her.


It’s like what John Wayne said in True Grit: “A gun that’s unloaded ain’t good for nothin’.”

Indeed, a gun locked in your car if you’re not in your car ain’t good for nothin’ either.

And it is NOT campus carry if you can’t carry your weapon on campus. Period.

If this turns out to be the handful of magic beans the Not-So-Great-Eight sold campus carry out for, there should be hell to pay in a number of GOP primaries next year.


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