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Vegas Chamber Puts New Lipstick on Pig

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce is reinventing itself…again.  Or, more to the point, trying to reinvent its image by launching a new name and logo.

The new shorter name will simply be “Vegas Chamber.”  Which is fine as it goes.  Shorter is often better.

However, that creates the acronym “VC” – which Vietnam War era veterans will immediately identify with the “Viet Cong.”  Major fail.

And then there’s the new color scheme for the VC logo.  A pale pastel rainbow combo.  You know, like the LGBLT logo.  Very PC, VC.

Lastly, get a load of this new, heart-pounding slogan: “Cultivating growth and prosperity is our purpose.” 

Sure sends a tingle up your leg, doesn’t it?

But this cosmetic make-over can’t hide the fact that the Chamber, over the years, has tried to play both sides politically and constantly undercuts the interests of its members by endorsing candidates who are openly hostile to the business community.

For example, in 2018 the Viet Cong…sorry, Vegas Chamber…endorsed hard-left Nevada state senators Yvanna Cancela and Julia Ratti.

Ditto in the Assembly, where the VC gave its seal of approval to the likes of Jason Frierson, Steve Yeager, Chris Brooks, Maggie Carlson, Howard Watts and Ellen Spiegel.

A better slogan would be: “Cutting Our Own Throat for Over 40 Years.”


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