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UNR Rape Victim Supports Campus Carry Law

The victim disarmament crowd is about to get its collective butts kicked by a “soft spoken and small in stature, Amanda Collins,” who tells how she was “defenseless when serial rapist and convicted murderer James Biela attacked her in a University of Nevada Reno parking garage.”

Collins will testify in support of SB 231, sponsored by Sen. John Lee (D-North Las Vegas), which would allow citizens to carry concealed weapons on college campuses in Nevada.

As Elizabeth Crum of the Nevada News Bureau reports, “Collins said she would have been carrying her firearm and would have defended herself that night had campus rules permitted it.” And if you don’t think her story is going to have a powerful influence on this bill, and that the gun-control crowd is about to get a huge black eye, consider Ms. Collins very personal and very direct statements:

“I know at some point during my attack I could have stopped it. Had I been able to do so, two other rapes would have been prevented and a life could have been saved. . . . Had SB 231 been the current law, my family and myself would have been saved a lot of torment. Because of the fact that I was rendered defenseless, this man was allowed to be at large and to continue to rape other women in the community, and consequently he murdered a young woman as well.”

On the other hand, Gregory Brown, a lily-livered wet noodle $136,896-a-year (Hat tip: Transparent Nevada) French Cultural History professor at UNLV, argued earlier this week against the bill, actually writing that university crime statistics show “show that NSHE’s campuses are not unsafe.” He goes on to write that “the best way to enhance the safety, and well-being…of Nevada’s students is to find adequate funding to preserve access and quality in our System of Higher Education.”

In light of what happened to Ms. Collins, you just want to b*tch-slap this idiot.

The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting deer; it’s about stopping potential human predators. Sen. Lee ought to name SB 231 the Amanda Collins Self-Protection Act and then dare any of his colleagues to give her anything other than a 21-0 vote in the Senate and 42-0 vote in the Assembly.


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