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UNLV’s Top Speech Cop

Christine Clark, UNLV’s Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, has been secretly working on a document titled, “Policy on Bias Incidents/Hate Crimes” deep in the bowels of the Maryland Parkway campus, mad-scientist-like, and students and faculty of the taxpayer-funded school of “higher” education have been scared sh…um, witless over what might be in the document.

“A final draft version of the policy obtained last week shows their fears were justified,” writes Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Glenn Cook today. “It proposes requiring campus police to respond to incidents of free speech and expression that result in hurt feelings. The document recognizes rights that do not exist while trampling ones that do.”

Cook rightly declares, “It is an abomination.”

What kind of warped, liberty-hating mind could possibly come up with something this repugnant? The same one, Cook notes, which named her two Dobermans “Cuba” and “Che”.

And while many conservatives may loathe the ACLU, those folks, much like a stopped clock, are right from time to time…..and this is one of those times.

About the proposed new speech codes by Frau Clark, the ACLU’s Allen Lichtenstein says that “Under this policy, you get to call the police if your feelings are hurt,” adding that “If there is not a crime, the police should not be called.”

Amen, Brother Al.

So why aren’t faculty and students rising up in righteous indignation against this abomination. Because, reports Cook, “they so fear Clark and her proponents in the administration that they don’t dare criticize this initiative policy.”

In this day of tight government budgets and spending cuts, why the hell are taxpayers even funding such a racist position at the Nevada System of Higher Education as “Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion” in the first place? This should be the first position eliminated by the Legislature and Frau Clark should be tortured…, um, I mean terminated immediately.

Unless this is something University Chancellor Jim Rogers wants to defend. Jimbo?


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