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Um, About that Reopening “Framework” from Assembly GOP Caucus

(Chuck Muth) – OK, I got a little bit of pushback on yesterday’s report in Muth’s Truths about the Assembly Republican Caucus’ so-called “Framework to Reopen Nevada” plan.

Yes, the “Framework” was put out by the Assembly Republican Caucus.

Yes, it’s a toothless joke.  As a reminder, here’s what it entails…

  • Following California’s lead…just like Gov. Sisolak
  • Continue to adhere to public health guidelines. (Bold!)
  • Create another unelected “bipartisan taskforce” to do the job the Legislature was elected to do
  • Establish strict, government-imposed and enforced business and employee guidelines for re-opening businesses
  • Allow so-called “non-essential” retail businesses to reopen, but only if they provide curbside pickup or delivery

But from what I’ve heard since yesterday, at least some members of the caucus knew absolutely nothing about the “plan,” let alone approve it.

In fact, this worthless piece of pablum was drafted by the caucus’ “Political Director” and card-carrying RINO (Republican In Name Only), Assemblyman Glen Leavitt.

Now, I put “Political Director” in quotes because…well, it’s just a made-up title.

What I’m being told is that after the caucus rearranged the leadership deck chairs at the end of the 2019 legislative session, Glenn the Magnificent threw a hissy fit at not being named Minority Whip.

As part of his panty-twisting temper-tantrum, Leavitt reportedly threatened to leave the caucus and take the family patriarch…former Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury, his father-in-law…with him.  What relevance that had to the situation, I’m not sure.

In any event, it was decided to create out of whole cloth the position of “Political Director” and give it to the guy just to shut him up – like how you’d give a screaming baby a pacifier.

And Leavitt, thinking his made-up title was more than just a teething ring, decided to launch his ridiculously absurd “Framework” plan without even informing some of his colleagues, let alone get their input and approval.

What an embarrassment.

Unfortunately, Leavitt – who earned himself one heckuva reputation as a “party boy” during his first session in Carson City last year – doesn’t have a primary.  But he will have a conservative general election opponent in Bill Hoge of the Independent American Party (IAP).

If Mr. Hoge signs the Tax Pledge, I’m pretty sure I know who I’ll be endorsing in this race come November.

2020 Tax Pledge Signers in Nevada

  • CD02: Mark Amodei
  • CD03: Dan Rodimer
  • CD04: Lisa Sutton
  • CD04: Jim Marchant
  • CD04: Sam Peters
  • CD04: Rebecca Wood
  • CD04: Charles Navarro
  • AD02: Jim Small
  • AD02: Heidi Kasama
  • AD02: Erik Sexton
  • AD04: Richard McArthur
  • AD07: Tony Palmer
  • AD15: Stan Vaughn
  • AD19: Annie Black
  • AD26: Lisa Krasner
  • AD31: Jill Dickman
  • AD31: Sandra Linares
  • AD36: Joe Bradley
  • AD37: Andy Matthews
  • AD38: Robin Titus
  • AD39: Jim Wheeler

Drive-By Muthings

* Gov. Sisolak keeps telling us his decisions aren’t “political.”  But how can anyone believe such horse-manure when he keeps trotting out lame political slogans such as “Stay Home for Nevada” and “Nevada United: Roadmap to Recovery.”  This whole thing has been a political campaign to preserve the governor’s re-election chances from the get-go.

* In New York, Ground Zero for the Wu-Flu, they’ve experienced 79 deaths per 100,000 people.  Nevada, by contrast, has experienced 6 deaths per 100,000.  It’s completely nuts to keep Nevada locked down statewide as if we were New York.

* Challenge to shutdown supporters: Nevada is going to reopen.  It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.”  And when it does, there will be new cases of coronavirus – at least until a vaccine is developed.  So for those cloistered “mask-shamers” out there, if you think it’s too soon to reopen, please tell the rest of us when you think the time will be right.  Burden is on you, not us.  We’re ready…NOW.

* Last Thursday, the Las Vegas drive-in movie theater reopened with cars instructed to park at least 10 feet away from each other.  I’m told there was a long line to get in.  This is about as safe a leisure activity as you’re gonna find.  But on Friday Gov. Sisolak shut them down again.  Certainly not for health reasons.  Simply to smack down anyone who dares defy him.  The man is an authoritarian menace.


“The initial goal of the unprecedented lockdowns was to keep the hospital system from being overwhelmed.  Good news.  Nevada did it.  Hospitals have plenty of room.” – Columnist Victor Joecks

“Nobody – not even the ‘experts’ – truly knows the proper way to proceed (with reopening Nevada), but proceed we must.  There is no alternative, and, absent a cure, any reopening at any time will trigger more infections.” – Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial

“(Gov. Sisolak) is so fear-based that he cannot make a decision.  He doesn’t want the responsibility. … He has some very frustrated staff too.  They want to develop a recovery plan, but he won’t let them” – Carson City business lobbyist

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