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Uh-Oh, This Don’t Look Good

The initial turnout numbers from early voting in Nevada should have the GOP establishment in near panic. It’s that bad…and all the spin in the world can’t change the math, especially all the reactivated “inactive” Democrats who have cast ballots.

Here’s what RalstonReports reported late last night after Day 4 of early voting:

“Democrats extended their lead by another 5,000 ballots in Clark County; it’s now at 23,000-plus. Republicans had a slight edge in Washoe. Turnout is huge – 121,000 in four days.”

Nevertheless, GOP operatives responded this morning with a memo that essentially says: “Move along, nothing to see here.” Indeed, the email boasts of “GOP momentum” in absentee and early voting in Nevada despite the raw numbers.

Color me skeptical. I’ve heard these “rosy scenarios” before.

Folks, if – Allah forbid – Nevada ends up a political killing field for Republicans on November 6, a whole lotta heads of a whole lotta consultants and operatives who have been paid a whole lotta money to run this ship into the iceberg should roll.

And they won’t be able to blame the tea party folks or the Ron Paul folks. Because the highly-paid, stand-for-nothing “professionals” who know-it-all have completely ignored, blown off and circumvented the Republican Party regulars, choosing instead to create a “shadow” GOP operation and out-source voter registration and get-out-the-vote to out-of-state third-party organizations and consultants.


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