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Uber Comes to Las Vegas!

Free-market ride-sharing company Uber – despite threats from the taxi cartel and the bureaucrats they own – opened for business today in Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City.


Folks, this is gonna be a political battle royale like you haven’t seen in Nevada in a LONG, LONG time.

Bruce Breslow, professional bureaucrat and Gov. Brian Sandoval’s hand-picked apparatchik of the state’s Department of Business and Industry, threatened Uber drivers in a statement to the Las Vegas Review-Journal: “We’re going to enforce the law.  We’re not going to get into an argument over philosophies.”

Added one of Breslow’s *real* bosses, Brent Bell, president of Whittlesea Bell Transportation, “Just because they have slick new technology doesn’t give them the right to completely and arrogantly ignore the law.”

The law Bell is talking about? Probably the one where any new competitor to the taxi cartel in this state has to get permission from the Taxicab Authority, which the cartel all but owns, and PROVE there’s a “need” for their service.

In what other industry does a competitor have to “prove” market need to the government before entering? That’s insane.

Welcome Uber! Let the games begin.


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