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Two Questions on the Right to Life Question

(Chuck Muth) – I don’t often weigh in on the abortion issue, but in light of the ongoing brouhaha over the possibility of the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the Roe v. Wade precedent establishing a “right” to abort pre-born babies, I do have two questions…

1.)  If, at some point, a pre-born life is determined to have a legal right to life, then how does that become a “state” issue as many pro-lifers are advocating?  If it’s a right, then it’s a right for all Americans, right?

States, thanks to the 14th Amendment (“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States”), can’t pick and choose which rights they allow or deny.  We fought the Civil War over this issue.  Indeed, slavery can’t be banned in some states and allowed in others.

Seems to me the right-to-life question is a federal issue that must be resolved at the federal level and applied to every state.  Or am I missing something?

2.)  If a mother decides she wants to teach her child at home, she must, by law in Nevada, inform the government.  According to Nevada Revised Statutes…

“If the parent of a child who is subject to compulsory attendance wishes to homeschool the child, the parent must file with the superintendent of schools of the school district in which the child resides a written notice of intent to homeschool the child.”

If a pregnant woman doesn’t need to inform the government if she chooses to terminate the life of her pre-born child, why in the world must she inform the government if she chooses to teach a child she brings into the world at home rather than send the child to a government school?

If the pro-choice crowd wants to keep the government out of the life-and-death decision of terminating a pregnancy, the least they should do is be consistent in keeping the government out of a mother’s decision on how her child should be educated.

Or am I missing something here?

You Will Comply

Did you catch this from Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping?

“When you are in a public health crisis, sometimes unusual situations require unusual actions. In this case, it’s things like mandating, be they masks or vaccinations.”

Just kidding.  Xi didn’t say that.

Dr. Anthony Fauci did.

Are you paying attention yet?

The Smell of Fear

“The election experts at The Cook Political Report officially downgraded my chances of winning. And now, national Republicans are about to spend millions on attack ads to defeat me.” – Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak

“The Cook Political Report just moved Steve’s race from ‘Lean Democrat’ to ‘Toss-up’, signaling to Republicans that Gov. Sisolak is vulnerable. … We can’t afford to lose him as our governor — will you chip in to keep Steve in office?” – Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV)

“When Steve announced our December mid-month goal, this team rushed to help. But now, donations are stalling and I’m getting worried that we won’t be able to make up the difference before the deadline.” – Eva Black, Finance Director, Steve Sisolak for Governor

Man the Lifeboats!

Saying “the Democratic Party has been asleep at the wheel for decades,” Democrat New Mexico State Sen. Jacob Candelaria abandoned ship and changed his registration this week to independent.

And he’s not alone.

Voter registration statistics in Nevada released this week show that over the last three months the number of Democrats switching to non-partisan was 3,555, compared to 2,262 Republicans who switched from GOP to NP.

Worse for Democrats, 1,912 Democrats switched to Republican while only 736 Republicans have gone over to the Dark Side.

If voters are actually switching their party affiliation in numbers like this, imagine how many independent voters won’t change their registration but will be voting GOP in 2022.

Only Republicans could blow a golden opportunity like this.


* The race for Las Vegas City Council Ward 4 seat is getting crowded.  Former City Councilman Bob Beers, conservative GOP activist Brenda Flank, and former moderate Assemblywoman Frances Allen have all announced their candidacies for this seat, currently held by Stavros Anthony, who is running for lieutenant governor.


“I don’t get my news from CNN for the same reason I don’t eat out of the toilet.” – Roger Stone

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