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Truth in Political Advertising not Practiced by Mi Familia Vota

On Saturday, Mi Familia Vota, a pro-amnesty organization trying to pass itself off as bipartisan, announced that Rep. Jeff Denham, R-CA, had signed on as the first Republican co-sponsor of H.R. 15, “a House immigration reform bill which combines the Senate Judiciary Committee’s bipartisan immigration bill with a border security bill passed unanimously by the House Homeland Security Committee.”

In its press release, Mi Familia Vota declared that “there is no doubt that the Latino community responded in the 2012 election with a mandate for commonsense immigration reform with a path to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants in the U.S. without documents.”

What they call “commonsense immigration reform” is what the rest of us call amnesty.

And don’t you just love the end of that sentence; “11 million immigrants in the U.S. without documents”?

Of course they don’t have documents. They entered the country illegally! That’s why people who are honestly discussing this issue refer to them as illegal immigrants, not “immigrants without documents.” That makes it sound like they just lost their documents or the dog ate them.

No, they don’t have documents because they’re here illegally! They broke the law. They’re not supposed to be here. They didn’t enter the country legally and THAT’S why they don’t have documents.


Oh, and by the way, you don’t think the fact that Mr. Denham is a California almond rancher, who clearly would benefit from cheap labor, has anything to do with his decision to back a major amnesty bill, do you?


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