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Trump is Smart Not to Debate DeSantis; Here’s Why…

(Chuck Muth) – Since I know this edition of Muth’s Truths is going to p*ss off some MAGAdonians, let me set the record straight.

I first wrote FAVORABLY about a possible Trump presidential candidacy in 2011 after watching his speech at CPAC – LONG before Trump actually took the plunge or most other Republicans even gave him a passing thought politically.

I was on the board of directors for the “Draft Ben Carson” super-PAC months before Trump entered the race in 2016.  But once Dr. Carson dropped out, I was all in for Trump.

I voted for Trump in 2016, and again in 2020.  And was an ardent MAGA supporter throughout the years in-between.  I attended at least a half-dozen Trump rallies – which were awesome – and proudly wore my MAGA hat everywhere I went.

But the sheen is off the shoe.  The shine is off the apple.  So let’s get to it…

Ron DeSantis scored a huge PR win last Thursday night when his debate with Gavin Newsom eclipsed Trump’s highly-touted televised events back in the summer…

  • Trump Townhall in May: 3.3 million viewers
  • Trump Townhall in June: 2.8 million viewers
  • Trump Townhall in July 2.9 million viewers
  • DeSantis/Newsom Debate: 4.75 million viewers

Whether or not the debate moves voters in Iowa enough to provide a big upset win for RDS there next month is yet to be seen.  But stranger things have happened in politics.

Indeed, I read a post this morning indicating that a recent internal poll by one of the campaigns – not DeSantis’ – shows Trump’s lead in Iowa has been cut to just 9 points with six weeks yet to go.

Look, I totally get why Trump is ducking GOP debates or a one-on-one with DeSantis. With his spotty record on so many things, he’d be on defense all night. To recap…

He totally blew it when it came to dealing with COVID.  His Fauci-inspired “15 Days to Slow the Spread” stretched into years of lockdowns, closed businesses, and shuttered schools.

For that, he gave Fauci an award before leaving the Oval Office.

He never completed the wall, let alone force Mexico to pay for it.  And he never repealed “birthright citizenship.”

He didn’t repeal ObamaCare.

He didn’t stop the 2020 riots in major cities.  Instead, just last week he referred to one of the riot leaders as “A very respected representative of Black Lives Matter” and characterized his endorsement of Trump as “a great honor.”

He didn’t expand school choice.

He didn’t cut spending.  In fact, it sky-rocketed even during the two years he had a Republican House and Senate majority.

He pushed U.S. Senate candidates – such as Dr. Oz and Herschell Walker – who went down in flames, and failed to rally enough support to win four critical U.S. Senate special elections in Georgia.

He didn’t drain the swamp.  Instead, the swamp drained and ousted HIM.

And the list of really lousy appointments and hires is a mile long.  Remember Anthony Scaramucci?  Lasted all of 10 days as Trump’s White House Communications Director.

And who can forget his appointment of Omarosa Manigault as director of the Office of Public Liaison?

She went on to write a “tell-all” book about her time at the White House and released secretly recorded tapes of conversations, including one recorded from inside the Situation Room.

And for those who are unhappy with the failed management of the Nevada Republican Party over the past few election cycles, you can blame one person for it: Donald Trump.  Without Trump’s backing, the current leadership would have been ousted long ago.

And some day I’ll write up a detailed explanation of why and how the Trump campaign itself was responsible for not stopping the voting irregularities in key states that occurred in 2020. Bet you haven’t heard THAT story yet.

Worse, Trump has shifted his attacks from the left, the Democrats, and the media and onto fellow Republicans.

He now regularly attacks conservatives – such as Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds – as “RINOs.”  Not because they’re not conservative.  But because they don’t think he’s the best candidate who can win next November or raise uncomfortable issues like those above.

And for those who blame Trump’s failures on the left, the Democrats, the (true) RINOs, the media, and the Deep State, let me ask you this…

Why would it be any different in a second term?

In fact, it will likely be WORSE since everyone will know Trump was a “lame duck” who can’t run again.

And in light of how Trump has treated and attacked past appointees and staffers – such as Kaleigh McEnany, perhaps the best White House press secretary Republicans have ever had – what competent, conservative is going to want to risk their career and reputation by working in a second Trump administration?

Bad management and bad judgment.

Why should we believe things would be any different in a second term when his primary focus is going to be getting revenge on those he believes have done him wrong or have been “disloyal”?

Talk is cheap.  And conservatives are right to question why this time would be different; why Trump would actually fulfill his promises and not just pay them lip service or shoot out some “mean tweets.”

These are all LEGITIMATE questions to ask of the former president and it doesn’t mean we hate Trump.  It means we want to WIN instead of losing again. And we think we have a better shot with a different candidate.

Look, Trump is still expected to be the nominee.  And if he is, I’ll support him in the general.  But DeSantis supporters are NOT the enemy.  They’re fellow conservative Republicans.

It’s not “disloyalty,” as Trump sycophant Rick Grenell and others claim.  It’s a political difference of opinion among kindred spirits.

The enemy is the legion of opponents to conservatism, not conservatives who simply think RDS has a better shot at not only winning next November, but of delivering on his promises.

Unfortunately, too many MAGA supporters appear to believe they have to burn the conservative village to the ground to save it.  It’s a dangerous game fueling an internal GOP civil war that could cost us the White House next year.

If Trump is really so far ahead and inevitable as the GOP nominee, why have a cow and viscerally attack folks who have developed “Trump Fatigue” and are supporting someone else?

Knock it off. We have elections to win.


“Trump calling for unity is the proverbial olive branch. You only offer that when you realize one of two things: you need those you’ve attacked, or you’re losing and are trying to save face in hopes of those you’ve attacked nonstop don’t call your bluff. …

“You (Trump supporters) said you didn’t need our votes. You’ve doxxed us, smeared us, tried to ruin our livelihoods, called us every name under the sun, spread nonstop lie after lie about one of the prominent figures in the conservative movement that is actually getting things done, accused us of being in league with the pedo-loving Lincoln project, and the list goes on.

“We’ve stood on actual conservative values and principles while you now stand as pro-choice, pro-vaccine, and pro BLM because you serve the cult of personality over the constitution. …

“You don’t get to throw the first punch, and then when you realize the opposition is gaining momentum, call for unity.

“Almost all of you praised DeSantis prior to his announcement to run. You loved him and gave your support in the fight against Disney while your man sided with them against DeSantis and the people of Florida. He also sided with Bud Light who pushed the trans agenda.

“You said we were ‘never Trumpers.’ Well guess what, good luck getting him elected without us. Who radicalized us? You did. We weren’t your enemy until you *made* us your enemy.”

– Podcaster John Burk in a tweet response to MAGA critics

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views, and founder of  You can sign up for his conservative, Nevada-focused e-newsletter at  His views are his own.


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