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Triggering Snowflakes and Buttercups

(Chuck Muth) – As you may recall, I included incoming Clark County School Board member Katie Williams in my Top 10 “Conservative Rising Stars” list on Friday, noting that she’s a “boat-rocking conservative, unafraid of sitting on the tip of the spear.”

She’s also a ninja at triggering her political enemies on social media.

On Friday Katie announced her opposition to a pair of massive tax hikes being proposed by the Clark County teachers’ union, tweeting: “No New Taxes!  Period!”

To which some snowflake named Cynthia Balicki (@polishsassy) replied: “Monster.”

To which Katie responded…

“Monster Mash.. Jam.. Monster Trucks?  I feel you should finish the sentence.”

Which clearly got under Ms. Buttercup’s thin skin.  She replied with…

“Plain and simple, you are a monster disguised as a human. Is that better bitch?”

Public school apologists have such a wonderful economy with words.

BTW: Katie gets sworn in today.  Let the meltdowns continue!

Titus in the Hot Seat

Longtime conservative activist Janine Hansen of Nevada Families for Freedom is not at all happy with the head of the Little Caucus that Couldn’t and welcomed in the new year by firing a shot across her bow in an email sent out on Sunday…

“Nevada Republican Assembly Leadership has betrayed us!

“The new Assembly Minority Leader is Robin Titus. She has selected all extreme RINO Republicans who are for more government, higher taxes and in favor of the Radical ERA. These include the worst RINO Assemblymen Jill Tolles, Tom Roberts, and Glen Leavitt.

“All conservative legislators like Assemblymen John Ellison (who is the longest serving Assemblyman), Jim Wheeler, newly elected Jill Dickman and Annie Black are entirely left out of leadership. We must make it politically costly for Robin Titus to side with the RINO’s and violate the Republican Platform.

“Please call or email the new Assembly Minority Leader Robin Titus. Home: 775- 901-3844, 775-465-2587, Email:  

“MESSAGE: You have betrayed the principles of the Republican Platform by choosing the most liberal RINO Republicans in the Assembly for your leadership team. We know that you are interested in running for Senator Settelmeyer’s seat in 2022. We will be watching carefully to see if your betrayal continues during the Legislative Session.”

Muth’s Truths

*  Former Nevada attorney general Adam Laxalt has been the leading critic of Nevada’s election fiasco in 2020 for the past few months.  As such, if he’s going to run for something in 2022, he should run for Secretary of State.

* If Rep. Mark Amodei decides to run for governor in 2022, might we see newly-sworn in Douglas County Commissioner Danny Tarkanian run for his congressional seat?


“I don’t understand much about politics…” – Tweet by liberal blubber-blogger Jon Ralston, 1/2/20

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