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To Hell with Heller?

A couple weeks ago I published a column titled, “A Conservative Republican Case for Repealing and Replacing Dean Heller.”

I knew it would be controversial and a majority of Republicans would disagree with it; arguing that as bad as Dean Heller is, he’d still be better than the Democrat alternative, Wacky Jacky Rosen.

Believe me, I get and appreciate that position.  And I won’t hold it against any Republican who holds their nose and votes for DC Dean in November.

But don’t for a minute think that even though the GOP’s anti-Heller camp is small that it’s not big enough to throw the election to Rosen if they vote for the “None of the Above” option or a third party alternative.

Some can live with that; others can’t.

In any event, I want to thank Jan Edwards for sharing my column with HER readers and asking them for their opinions of it.  Here are some of the responses she received (edited slightly for length and clarity)…

  • “We need to keep the Senate seat in Nevada Republican…my vote will be for Heller no matter what Muth prophecies…No matter WHAT you think of Heller’s actions, the future of the Senate rests on our support of Heller to retain his seat…”
  • “Thanks, Jan.  I think after reading this we can do without Dean Heller for six more years. I may vote none of the above.”
  • “I have always been opposed to Heller, he is as two faced as they come.   I will risk the Wacky Jackie win but will withhold my vote for a snake.  He could be very bad for the Trump agenda.”
  • “Known Chuck for a many years.  We all hate Heller but Trump wants him in so I do not think we have a choice.”
  • “Jan, I completly agree. It will be with a plugged nose and a gag in my throat that i pull the lever for him, but I understand Trump’s position. Better the devil that you know…”
  • “I too will never forget 10-08-’16……That dog and pony show not only cost Joe Heck his job, we lost the GOP ticket.  That day phone at Trump HQ ran off the wall.  Many people were furious – Many were confused.  The result was a low voter turnout – lower than in 2008…  It turned off the momentum and people as well – so some decided just not to vote.”
  • “As for Chuck’s article, I am sympathetic.  I too wish there had been a strong, winnable candidate to beat Heller in a Primary.  We just did not have that.  So we are where we are.  I will hold my nose and vote for him.”
  • “One thing we know – Jacky Rosen will never vote for #MAGA.  Heller will vote for #MAGA more times than not.  A vote for (IAP’s Kamau) Bakari is a vote for Rosen.  People like Chuck need to put their energies in finding that winnable candidate for a primary.”
  • “Interesting piece. My feelings about Heller are in line with Chuck’s.  I think last year Trump made a quid-pro-quo deal with Heller … Support me (Trump) on taxes and immigration and I’ll support you (Heller) for re-election.”
  • “Thanks Jan.  I’ve been sitting on the fence re: Heller and I certainly don’t like Wacky Jacky.  I’m in a dilemma, this is when “none of the above” makes sense, but I really don’t like that option either.  Keep me posted and help me decide which way to lean.”
  • “I believe he (Trump) is getting bad advice about trying to retain a republican in the seat.   Republicans can be bad strategist at times and I believe they are off target on taking this position of keeping a traitor for numbers only.  Heller is laughing up his sleeve for he knows the game.”
  • “Thank you Jan for this really important information.  I  also don’t feel I can vote for Heller in good concience.”
  • “Trump embraces Heller and vice versa.  So I support Heller, in fact I sent him a donation last week. I believe we should support all of our Republican candidates.  The alternative could be Socialist society in our country.”
  • “I still think we need to  support  Heller  to save this  Senate  seat.  After  all  President Trump has  forgiven Heller the least we can do is also forgive some past errors and get behind  Heller for the  support  that  Trump needs in the Senate.”

This IS a tough issue.  Conservatives ARE divided on it.  But the reasons for the angst and divide are DEAN’S actions.  He brought this on himself.

Don’t blame the victims if many of us decide we’re unwilling to turn the other cheek once again.


“Planned Parenthood will perform 321,000 abortions this year with the $500 million of tax dollars we give them.  They are not a healthcare provider, they are an abortion factory.” – TPUSA’s Charlie Kirk


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