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Time for a Tax Rebate

The Economic Forum meets next week and will tell the Governor and the Legislature how much revenue they can expect to come in over the next two years for budgeting purposes. Everyone expects their number will be higher than the amount Gov. Sandoval already used to balance Nevada’s budget with existing revenues in the budget he proposed last January.

Now, once the Economic Forum announces that there will be MORE than the $5.8 billion called for in Gov. Sandoval’s budget, both the Governor and the Legislature will, naturally, want to spend this “extra” money on education or welfare or to give Dina Titus a raise.

What they should do, instead, is stick with the $5.8 billion in the original budget and rebate the difference back to hard-hit taxpayers or, at the very least, put every dime into the Rainy Day Fund. Now is NOT the time to go on a spending spree. Now is the time to hold the line and be more fiscally responsible than the Legislature has been over the last 20-some years.


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