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Time Again to Play “Name that Governor”

I’ve changed a few identifying words in the following story. See if you can who the new governor it refers to is and his party affiliation:

“The governor called for ‘a fundamental realignment’ of state government on Wednesday, saying the state needs to rethink the services it provides and face up to its overspending problem before it is too late. ‘We need radical reform, we need a new approach, we need a new perspective,’ said the governor, who was giving his first state address. ‘And we need it now.’

“The speech was emphatically pro-business and centrist, suggesting he is modeling himself more after his former boss than his father, a former governor of the state.

“The new governor mentioned the word ‘tax’ or ‘taxes’ 21 times, mostly to denounce them and promise to lower them. ‘What made us a great state was not a large government complex,’ he said. ‘It was a vibrant private sector that was creating great jobs in the state.”

“The proposals laid out by the governor – including reducing the number of agencies, authorities and departments by 20 percent and capping the annual growth of state government to the rate of inflation — set up a clash with the more liberal Democrats who control the State Assembly.”

Shocking Answer: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Democrat. The story was originally published by the New York Times today.

Bet you thought it was a Republican, didn’t you? The times, they are a changing. I hope Gov. Sandoval’s team is squirreling these words away for future use when the liberal Democrats who control the Nevada Legislature (hello, Steven Horsford!) go off their rockers and call him a right-wing extremist this upcoming session.


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