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Tiger Bloods, Surrender Monkeys & Dead Armadillos

OK, I promised to let y’all know who’s with us, who’s against us, and who’s waffling among Assembly Republicans over this stupid “strategery” of negotiating with the Democrats to extend the sunsets.

And I’ve given those Assembly Republicans EVERY opportunity to do the right thing and get behind Gov. Sandoval the way the Senate Republican have. But they’ve refused every effort to grab the life-preserver I’ve thrown them to save themselves from themselves. So here goes:

“Tiger Bloods” are, as Charlie Sheen would say, winners who are taxpayer champions by publicly stating that they are backing Gov. Sandoval 100 percent and will not vote to either raise taxes or extend the sunsets.

The “Surrender Monkeys” are assembly Republicans who are actively negotiating with the Democrats to extend the sunsets and/or are supportive of continuing to negotiate for extending the sunsets.

And the “Dead Armadillos” are those GOP members of the Assembly who have taken a firm position not to take a firm position on this issue and are wandering aimlessly down the yellow stripe in the middle of road just waiting to get squashed by the Democrats’ steamroller.

Tiger Bloods
Assemblyman Ed Goedhart
Assembly John Hambrick
Assemblyman Richard McArthur
Assemblyman Pete Livermore

Surrender Monkeys
Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea
Assemblyman Mark Sherwood
Assemblyman Ira Hansen
Assemblyman Pat Hickey
Assemblyman Crescent Hardy

Dead Armadillos
Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury
Assemblyman Kelly Kite
Assemblyman Randy Kirner
Assemblyman Scott Hammond
Assemblyman Lynn Stewart
Assemblyman Tom Grady
Assemblyman John Ellison


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