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Ticked Off About Taxing Water

Muth’s Truths reader Tim Marvin wrote to Assemblyman Tick Segerblom recently to voice opposition to Tick’s proposal to tax water, suggesting that spending cuts were the better way to go. To which the liberal Democrat from Las Vegas responded:

“I do not support cutting spending, I support taxing luxuries and corporations which don’t pay anything! I support balancing the budget by increasing revenue, is that too difficult to understand?”

Of course, while not difficult to understand, that didn’t answer Mr. Marvin’s question about taxing water which, most regular people would agree, isn’t exactly a “luxury.” To which Assemblyman Segerblom responded:

“Taxing water is like taxing clothes. I support raising taxes to balance the budget – if you don’t like it vote me out!”
If only redistricting next year somehow would make that a possibility!


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