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Thieves Should Be Hung from Cranes!

(Chuck Muth) – Alas, I came home from Connecticut to find myself a victim of the ongoing Biden crime wave.

I have a small, one-room casita behind my house that I use as my office.  And while I was gone, someone broke into it Saturday night and ransacked the place.

Still going through the mess to see what was stolen.

This ongoing crime wave is NOT the fault of the police department.  This is the fault of our soft-on-crime court systems which, at best, give thieves a little slap on the wrist.  As such, criminals of all stripes know that even if they’re caught there won’t be any real price to pay.

Catch-and-release.  Revolving door justice for thieves, vermin and scum.

Judges and district attorneys MUST stop issuing get-out-of-jail-free cards.  Soft sentences encourage crime.  Stiff penalties encourage deterrence. It’s LONG past time to start throwing the book at ‘em again.


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