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There’s Class…and Then There’s Alan Gottlieb

(Chuck Muth) – Political races are often bitter…and this is nothing new.  Jimmy Romo of the Pahrump Valley Times reminded folks this week of just how far back nasty campaigning goes…

“Considered to be one of the dirtiest U.S. political campaigns, the 1828 U.S. presidential election saw incumbent President John Quincy Adams’ supporters calling Andrew Jackson’s mother a prostitute, his wife a whore and Jackson a murderer and a cannibal.”

And primaries are no different…other than the fact that nasty primaries can cost a candidate his or her election in November.  Coming together and uniting post-primary against a common foe is a major challenge for many campaigns.

Once the primary dust settles, some folks are gracious in victory and defeat; others not.

For example, here’s a post-primary tweet from Republican gubernatorial candidate Guy Nohra after failing to take the checkered flag on Tuesday…

“I called Sheriff (Joe) Lombardo to congratulate him on receiving the Republican nomination for Governor and pledged my full support. Now, we must unite as a party and work towards the ultimate goal of defeating Governor Steve Sisolak in November.”

To which Joe Lombardo replied…

“Thank you, @NohraForNevada!  It’s been an honor to get to know you on the campaign trail and I look forward to working with you. It’s time for all Republicans to come together so that we can beat Steve Sisolak in November!”

Now, THAT’S how it’s done.

And there was this from unsuccessful U.S. Senate candidate Capt. Sam Brown

“I just called Adam Laxalt to congratulate him on a hard-fought primary win.  The stakes are high. We must take back the U.S. Senate, the House, and the governorship. I will support Republican campaigns and work tirelessly to turn out every Republican in Nevada this November.”

And this one from unsuccessful congressional candidate Annie Black

“As promised, I’m all in for Team GOP! I endorse Sam Peters.  I’ll campaign with and for him.  I just made a contribution to his campaign.  And I encourage all my supporters to do the same.”

Class all around.

But then there are nimrods such as Alan Gottlieb, a big out-of-state Laxalt supporter.

Although I backed Sam Brown, I wrote yesterday that I’ll take Laxalt over Democrat U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez-Biden any day of the week and commended Laxalt’s campaign in a radio interview with conservative talk-show host Kevin Wall for immediately coming out swinging at St. Catherine.

Nevertheless, Gottlieb – though I’ll note he was NOT speaking on behalf of the campaign – felt it was a smart move to send me a pissy little email late last night…

“Laxalt winner.  Muth loser.  I pray your actions don’t cost us a critical Senate seat. If conservatives don’t turn out in November you will be much to blame. Hope you now make amends by doing everything possible to undue damage you have caused.”

There’s class. And then there’s Alan Gottlieb.  What a schmendrick.

If Adam loses in November, it won’t be because of me (wish I had that kind of power!).  It’ll be because of Adam.  If he can’t excite conservatives and Sam Brown supporters to turn out for him…that’s on him.

And frankly, he and Gottlieb should be THANKING me.

After I published a long list of comments from Muth’s Truths readers last August that were critical of Adam’s performance on the campaign trail in his unsuccessful 2018 run for governor, Adam seems to have taken the criticisms to heart (though he’ll never admit it).

Indeed, I’ve gotten a number of emails from folks over the past several months who have said they’d seen a marked improvement in Adam’s campaigning style this time around.  More open.  More personable.  More attentive.  More friendly.

You’re welcome.

Look, Adam’s facing enough challenges as it is.  In fact, in a fundraising email this morning he wrote: “I can’t do this alone – I need your help today.”

Apparently, Gottlieb didn’t get the memo.  Instead of trying to heal the wounds and unite the clans, he thought it was a brilliant move to poke the bear.  Dumbass.

All he did was inspire this otherwise unnecessary column.

Some of Adam’s friends are Adam’s own worst enemies.


“New CNN boss Chris Licht’s latest crackdown at network BANS staff from calling Trump’s election fraud claims ‘the big lie’ because it is a Democratic party catchphrase.” – Daily Mail, 6/15/22

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