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The Un-Sisolak’s First 100 Days: “Getting Sh*t Done”

(Chuck Muth) – Has anyone seen any bumper stickers featuring the scowling face of ex-Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak with the words “Miss Me Yet?”

Yeah, me neither.

Ah, the difference a Republican governor makes.

Following his State of the State address in January, Gov. Joe Lombardo was asked what he was most looking forward to as governor.  The former Clark County sheriff poetically and eloquently replied…

“Getting sh*t done.”

And he is – as detailed by the governor’s office yesterday in marking his first 100 days in the captain’s chair.  A quick recap…

One of the governor’s first priorities in office was to sign Executive Orders 1 and 2, effectively ending all COVID-19 executive orders from the previous administration and ordering state employees to return to pre-COVID office hours by July 1.

The un-Sisolak!

In January, Lombardo signed Executive Orders 3 and 4, which froze all new state regulations and ordered a review of existing regulations. The governor aims to reduce bureaucratic overreach and cumbersome regulations, making it easier for businesses to operate in the state.

Imagine that.  A governor focused on helping businesses that create jobs instead of shutting them down.  Again, the un-Sisolak.

In February, Governor Lombardo continued to demonstrate his accessibility by meeting with constituents across the state. Compare and contrast that to Sisolak, who went out of his way to avoid Nevada citizens, especially during his COVID shutdowns.

In March, the governor introduced five pieces of legislation to the Nevada State Legislature focused on school safety, school choice, public safety, election integrity, and government modernization.

These bills include the Safer and Supportive Schools Act aimed at stopping school violence, and the Education Achievement, Opportunity, and Accountability Act designed to bring accountability and choice to Nevada’s education system.

The un-Sisolak.

In addition to these legislative efforts, Gov. Lombardo celebrated Nevada Reading Week by visiting several elementary schools to read with students.  And he didn’t read from the pages of “Gender Queer”!

As Erin Phillips of Power2Parent put it, “It’s fantastic to have a governor who is so supportive of parents and their right to choose the best education for their kids. Thank you, Gov. Lombardo for your leadership!”

The People’s Governor has also been actively working to roll back soft-on-crime legislation passed by the Democrats in 2019.  He’s actually fighting on behalf of law-abiding citizens rather than on behalf of thieves, rapists, and murderers.

The un-Sisolak.

Gov. Lombardo also faced severe winter weather and flooding across northern Nevada in March, but the state’s National Guard and Department of Emergency Management acted quickly to mitigate further damage.

No more fiddling while Rome burns. As Elizabeth Ray, the governor’s communications director, put it yesterday, “I guess you could say that Gov. Lombardo is ‘getting sh*t done’ – and doing it.”

That includes, in his “spare” time, promoting tourism by driving the pace car at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to open up March’s Pennzoil 400.

And unlike Sisolak on a city street, he didn’t turn the race into a Demolition Derby!

Imagine what this man could accomplish without a hostile, far-left, Democrat-controlled Legislature.  Something to start working on in the next 100 days.


“Today, I was happy to proclaim February 6, 2023 as Ronald Reagan Day in Nevada!”

“Last night, I said that Nevada is open for business, effective immediately — and I meant it.”

“My administration is fighting back against school violence – just like I promised we would. I believe our children deserve safe schools, our teachers deserve safe workplaces, and our entire state deserves better.”

“Every parent deserves a voice and a choice in their child’s education. A student’s zip code shouldn’t determine the quality of their education.”

“As governor, my energy policy objectives are focused on bringing energy independence and more diverse energy resources to Nevada.”

“Nevada, we have to come together to fight fentanyl — it’s never been more important. I’m introducing legislation soon that will help us fight this national crisis here in Nevada.”

– Republican Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo

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