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The Sun Tries to Burn Joe Lombardo

(Chuck Muth) – The Las Vegas Sun is a dependable political weather vane.  Its far-left editorial page often rivals Pravda in the propaganda department.  And if the Sun tries to burn you, odds are you’re a conservative Republican.

So the fact that the paper on Tuesday called for Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo to resign gives you a pretty good indication that Lombardo ain’t no bleeding-heart liberal.

The Sun has its tighty-whities in a twist over a report a few days ago by the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Lombardo has actually been enforcing the law against illegal immigration.

The nerve!

This is a complicated, legalistic, bureaucratic issue.  But as best as I can figure…

There was a policy in place, known as the 287(g) program, in which the Metropolitan Police Department would inform ICE – the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency – when it had arrested an illegal alien for breaking a law, in addition to breaking into the U.S. illegally, and detain them until ICE picked them up.

But according to the LVRJ article that caused the Sun to throw a conniption…

“Metro suspended the 287(g) program after a federal district court ruled (in 2019) that ICE detainers could only be honored in states with laws that specifically address civil immigration arrests.”

Apparently, Nevada doesn’t have such a law and, as such, Metro was no longer able to continue its “official” cooperation with ICE under the program.

However, Sheriff Lombardo reportedly found a legal work-around in which Metro continued advising ICE when an illegal alien had been detained for breaking a law in addition to the law they broke when they broke into the country…

Rather than “officially” turning over illegal aliens directly to ICE, Metro is simply letting ICE know when a repeat offender is “going to be released from custody, allowing federal agencies to wait outside the Clark County Detention Center” and pick them up as they exit the door.

It’s kinda like those “Karens” who snitch to OSHA and rat out a business that isn’t enforcing Emperor Steven von Sisolak’s “obedience mask” mandate.  I mean, if it’s good enough for enforcing face diaper rules, shouldn’t it be good enough to enforce immigration laws?

What the left and the Sun, Siamese twins, are having a cow over is that Lombardo’s work-around applies to both violent AND non-violent crimes; a distinction without a difference.

Fact is, they’re here illegally.  They broke the law to get here.  Then they broke it again.  Just because the second infraction was “non-violent” doesn’t mean the first infraction of entering our country illegally should be ignored.

The law is the law.  And the law says you can’t come into the U.S. illegally.  What part of that is so difficult to understand?

If Democrats don’t like the law, then they should change the law, not ignore it.  Especially since they control both the White House and both houses of Congress.  Just as they did from 2009 through 2011 when they did…nothing.

If illegal aliens are being deported for “non-violent” follow-up crimes – such as speeding through a residential neighborhood or blowing through a stop sign – blame Democrats, not Sheriff Lombardo for simply doing his law enforcement job.


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