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The Sore Loserman of Nevada?

(Chuck Muth) – When they refused to concede they’d lost the 2000 presidential race, Democrats Al Gore and Joe Lieberman earned the nickname “Sore Loserman.”

Now, I know a lot of you support Joey Gilbert.  I like the guy, too.  He was one of the FEW politicians in Nevada who had the cojones to get in the face of Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak during the COVID shutdowns.

But he lost to Joe Lombardo in the GOP primary race for governor.  Period.

Joey’s lawsuit claiming otherwise was tossed out of court without even a hearing because the “evidence” was so thin it was virtually non-existent.  As of yesterday, no appeal of the ruling has been filed.

Now, to be sure, Joey has raised legitimate questions about election procedures and processes.  But unless he thinks LOMBARDO was personally responsible for how the various counties conducted the election, his beef is with election officials, not the Republican nominee.

Yet he continues to bad-mouth Lombardo, jeopardizing the chance to catapult King Sisolak off the governor’s throne in November.

At a recent campaign rally, Joey said…

“I don’t think he’s (Lombardo) smart enough to be in it (the governor’s race), and he probably thinks he won, because he thinks he won. Which, that’s unfortunate, he didn’t win. … There’s no way I can ask my people, you people here, to vote for him.”

Well, I can.

Look, I get it.  Joe Lombardo’s no Barry Goldwater.  He’s not a “movement” conservative the way most subscribers to Muth’s Truths are.  And yes, he and I have already had discussions on a couple policy issues that he and I disagree on.

But any Republican who thinks Joe Lombardo is worse than Steve Sisolak – the man who, for two years, ran Nevada like a dictatorship – needs their head examined.

And consider this…

When you elect a governor, you’re not just electing a governor.  You’re essentially electing an entire government of employees and appointees who are involved in decisions affecting every aspect of your life.

As the saying goes, “Personnel is policy.”

For example: Remember what happened when Sisolak shut the state down?  Hundreds of thousands of Nevadans were thrown out of work and forced into the unemployment line.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, remember how the incompetence of the head of DETR (Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation) – an unqualified, affirmative-action gubernatorial appointee – resulted in thousands upon thousands of unemployed Nevadans being unable to get their unemployment checks?

Heck, some are STILL waiting to have their claims processed!

And we’re on our THIRD DETR head since COVID hit.


I like Joey.  And I’ve written often how impressed I was with the passion of his supporters during the primary.  And I thought he had a bright political future because of that.

But the insanity of continuing to claim Joe Lombardo didn’t win the primary and somehow “stole” it is killing Joey’s future political prospects.  “Sore Loserman” is not a moniker you can shake easily (ask Gore).

And I WANT Joey Gilbert in some office somewhere down the road.  He would drive the left nuts

Sure, he’ll keep his passionate core supporters if continues drinking from the cup of sour grapes.  But, like it or not (I sure don’t), we now live in a purple state.  And you’re not going to win future statewide elections with only the support of hard-core conservatives.

That’s what we call “reality.”  We live on Planet Earth, not Planet Nirvana.

I’m a conservative.  A staunch conservative.  A “movement” conservative.  A Barry Goldwater/Ronald Reagan conservative.

And I’m voting for Joe Lombardo for Governor in November.  You should, too.

And if Gov. Lombardo strays too far off the limited-government reservation while in office – like Brian SandRINOval did – we’ll be all over him like white on rice.

But the FIRST and most important thing we MUST do is get rid of Sisolak and his horde of incompetent, left-wing appointees.

Joey, PLEASE knock this crap off so I can get back to my sabbatical!

Mini-Muth’s Truth

Some are demanding that the Secretary of State’s office verify that every candidate who files for office is eligible.  That would include verifying residency, along with other additional qualifications for certain offices.

In 2022, in the 18-day window proscribe by law, that means the SOS would have had to verify 1,227 candidacies.  Good luck with that.

Unless/until state law is changed, it’s the responsibility of candidates and their consultants to verify if their opponents are qualified to run for the office they filed for.  Stop blaming anyone else.

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