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The Rise of “Moderate Mike” – Part II

In continuing our dissection of Senate MINORITY Leader “Moderate Mike” Roberson’s declaration of war against conservatives on Jon Ralston’s “Ralston Reports” television show last week, let’s first consider a separate quote he gave the Las Vegas Sun just a couple days ago:

“Gov. Brian Sandoval is the template for successful Republicans in the state of Nevada.”

Really? And that template is…what?

Well, apparently the model is to trick GOP primary voters into thinking you’re a conservative, then flip-flop once elected and govern like a moderate. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Look, if that’s the template for a successful Republican in Nevada, is it any wonder so many conservatives are no longer registered as Republicans, but have opted to register as independent non-partisans instead?

In any event, let’s continue…

Not only has Moderate Mike embraced “template” Gov. Brian Sandoval’s plan to once again re-impose $620 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes, he announced on Ralston Reports last week that he and his caucus will be a rubber stamp for Sandoval’s entire moderate agenda in the upcoming legislative session.

“I’m committed; our caucus is committed, to making sure there’s no daylight between the governor and our caucus,” Roberson declared, while holding a bucket of the governor’s water during the interview. “And we’re going to fight for his agenda.”

Lovely. Just lovely.

Especially since, apparently, that includes expanding Medicaid.

“I’m not saying I’m opposed to Medicaid expansion,” Moderate Mike declared, before moving on to his new signature issue: A $20 million taxpayer-funded program to hire more dues-paying members of the teachers union to teach the children of illegal immigrants how to speak English.


Leave aside the fact that Moderate Mike’s “Hispandering” is blatant and fools no one in the Hispanic community, let alone the teachers union or the school district.

And leave aside the fact that such English Language Learner (ELL) programs won’t fix the problem.

And leave aside the fact that Sen. Roberson has not indicated where he’ll get his $20 million…raise taxes or cut something else?

And leave aside the fact that programs such as this, once implemented, grow like the Blob and never go away.

No…wait. You CAN’T leave aside those facts. Those are all valid reasons for conservatives to oppose such a proposal. And yet…

And yet Sen. Roberson informed Mr. Ralston that “My Republican colleagues, in my caucus, they’re all for it.”

Really? Lovely. Just lovely.

Coming up in Part III: Rookie Moderate Mike vs. longtime conservative taxpayer champion Grover Norquist.


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