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The Right’s Enabler of the Mushy Middle

Mathematically, no GOP candidate can possibly lock up the presidential nomination until late March at the earliest. And of the three remaining “not Romney” candidates, only Newt Gingrich would have even a remote shot at blocking Romney from getting the nomination.

Of course, Ron Paul isn’t going to get out and no one expects him to get out. And frankly, he’s earned the right to stay in. But Rick Santorum?

Santorum’s nothing more than the last remaining “flavor of the month.” And by staying in the race beyond Florida and Nevada, all he’s doing is denying conservatives their last and only chance to unite behind a Romney alternative. His efforts are going to give the GOP the moderate Romney…just as he gave his home state of Pennsylvania the moderate Sen. Arlen Specter in 2004 when they could have had the conservative Pat Toomey.

Exactly how “principled” of a conservative are you when you keep helping to elect moderates in big-time races?


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