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The right choice in Nevada’s U.S. Senate race is as clear as Heck

Allow me to be one of the first to officially welcome Congressman Joe Heck into the race to replace Sen. Harry Reid in the United States Senate.

His anointed Democrat opponent, Catherine Cortez-Masto, is a partisan left-winger who would essentially be Sen. Reid’s sixth term – but without the clout.

Cortez-Masto has served as a staffer for a former Democrat governor, as an assistant manager for Clark County, as a lawyer in the states attorney’s office, as attorney general, and most recently in a six-figure “make work” job at taxpayer-funded UNLV.

She claims to have spent a lifetime “fighting to protect Nevada families.”  What she’s really done is spent a lifetime in government.

On the other hand, Congressman Heck is an emergency room physician who owned his own small business and is also a brigadier general in the United States Army Reserve.

Cortez-Masto is a government lawyer.  Joe Heck is a military doctor.  Which do we need more of and which do we need less of in Washington, DC?

For all of her government work, Cortez-Masto has never cast a single recorded vote.  Joe Heck’s positions are clearly known by his votes as both a Nevada State Senator and a U.S. Congressman.

Joe Heck lives in the Real World.  Cortez-Masto lives in Hypotheticaland.

As attorney general, Cortez-Masto sued Bank of America for allegedly deceiving home-owners, but refused to sue ObamaCare for deceiving Nevadans into believing they could keep their health insurance and their doctor.

She also filed an indictment against former Republican State Treasurer Brian Krolicki while refusing to prosecute Democrat agency head Bob Loux even though it was proven that Loux gave himself and his friends in government unauthorized, taxpayer-funded raises.

Krolicki was ultimately exonerated when a judge dismissed Cortez-Masto’s witch hunt – which opened her to charges of “politicizing her office and prosecutorial misconduct,” especially after her husband hosted a fundraiser for the Democrat candidate running against Krolicki!

Talk about ethically-challenged.

Congressman Heck, on the other hand, is a highly-respected independent Member of Congress.  Some conservatives may not always agree with him, but his positions are always well-researched, well-considered and well-reasoned.  And he’s the most conservative candidate who can win.

Does Congressman Heck’s experience, integrity, knowledge and independence make him a far superior candidate to represent Nevada in the United States Senate than Sen. Reid’s hand-picked, Democrat-anointed, ethically-challenged, partisan successor?  Heck, YES!


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