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The Return of Chicken Little

LVRJ reporter Ben Spillman reports that “Dan Klaich, chancellor of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NHSE), said a proposal by Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval to cut state funding for higher education by $162 million would set colleges and universities back for years” at a legislative subcommittee on the budget yesterday morning. It is not true, however, that he was wearing his Chicken Little costume.

“I don’t bawk-bawk care how you do the bawk-bawk math,” Klaich cackled, “these are staggering bawk-bawk numbers and they are bawk-bawk numbers that cannot bawk-bawk be filled by bawk-bawk tuition and fee increases, bawk-bawk-BAWK!”

I am so sick of government bureaucrats like Klaich telling us what they can’t do, predicting budgetary Armageddon every…single….time. We’ve been listening to this end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it song-and-dance since the fall of 2007 when Jim Rogers was the Bawk-Bawker-in-Chief at NSHE. And yet, I was on campus at UNLV just this Monday afternoon and, guess what? They were open for business. And, get this, there were actually students there! Taking courses. Go figure.

Are we paying Dan Klaich to whine….or is it time for him to stop the whimpering, put his beak to the grindstone, and do the best he can with what he’s got? Seriously…if Mr. Klaich spent half as much time and effort making the hard decisions necessary to live within the taxpayer-funded university system’s means as he does whining about mo’ money that we don’t have, there wouldn’t BE a budget problem.


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