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The Rest of the Roger Stockton Story

You know, it just never made sense.

Why would a guy with no real previous involvement with the Nevada Republican Party suddenly not only take an interest in the party, but draft a letter opposing the party’s pre-primary endorsement plan and leak his letter (or have it leaked) to Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger, Jon Ralston, even though the guy is a purported conservative whose PAC itself endorses candidates in primaries hoping to nominate more conservative candidates?

That’s the story behind Roger Stockton, who over the weekend continued his quest to kill the Nevada GOP’s inaugural pre-primary endorsement convention next month by putting forward a resolution against the endorsements at the Washoe County GOP convention on Saturday.

Seriously, why would a conservative so actively and publicly try to derail an effort to nominate more conservative Republican candidates?  It made no sense.

Until today.

Today I learned that Stockton approached the Nevada GOP several months ago asking to work for them as a consultant.  His proposal was declined.

And now it all makes sense.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stockton, after being rebuffed by the party, signed on to work for some establishment consultant with free tickets to NASCAR races and was paid to sabotage the endorsement process.


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