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The Responsible Budget Alternative

The Economic Forum said Friday that the state can expect enough revenue over the next two years to afford about $5.1 billion worth of government, which is about a billion dollars less than Gov. Jim Gibbons proposed in his budget last January.

Coincidentally the Nevada Policy Research Institute released just the day before a conservative alternative budget which funds Nevada’s truly essential services which comes in right around….get this….$5.1 billion. And without a dime in new or higher taxes and without a dime of federal stimulus money!

So if legislators are willing to do what the rest of us are already doing – tightening the state government’s belt, setting priorities, cutting non-essential expenses and living within its means – it absolutely can be done without “people dying.” And when you hear the Left predicting the end of the world and screaming for higher taxes, you’ll know they’re full of flapdoodle.

Pass a budget at five point one; so let it be written, so let it be done.


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