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The Reid Juice Job: It Stinks!

Riddle me this, Batman: Henderson City Councilman Sam Bateman said he voted to hire Sen. Harry Reid’s son to be the city’s new city attorney because he was the best qualified (after the council dumbed down the qualifications so that Josh Reid would qualifiy).

He also said, presumably with a straight face, that Poppa Reid’s lobbying on his boy’s behalf had no influence on Bateman’s decision to hire the son of Nevada’s #1 and the nation’s #2 most powerful Democrat elected official.

But back to the “best qualified” contention.

After it was discovered that the qualifications for the position had been watered down – kinda like Nevada’s high school graduation requirements – in order for Josh Reid to qualify; and after it was publicly disclosed that Josh’s father was putting the “subtle” strong arm on Bateman and Henderson’s Mayor Andy Hafen (whose daughter used to work for the senior Reid)…

…How many attorneys who actually met the original qualification requirements and were possibly even BETTER candidates for the job saw the Harry Reid juice job that was in motion and didn’t even bother to apply?

Actually, didn’t a qualified applicant WITHDRAW from consideration after learning of the Harry Reid lobbying campaign? Why, yes he did!

This hiring stinks to high heaven. Henderson voters need to clean out the stall, hose it down, and spray the place with a serious anti-Reid disinfectant.


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