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The Not-So-Marvelous Marco’s Lame Messaging Game

Marco Rubio (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Marco Rubio (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

I seriously do not know who is writing Marco Rubio’s press releases and emails, but they are among the worst I’ve seen this year in politics.

They’re horrible.  Pure inside-the-beltway pabulum and hype.  No wonder the GOP establishment is gravitating towards him now that Jeb! is tanking.

For example, somebody allegedly named “Joe Pounder” sent out an email in the middle of Tuesday night’s debate telling us that…

“Once again, Marco is articulating his vision for a New American Century, offering new ideas for creating good paying jobs and helping Americans gain 21st Century skills.”

And, hey, isn’t that what all of us are looking for in a potential president; the ability to articulate a vision for a New American Century?

Who talks like that?  I mean, how many folks were sitting around the breakfast table the morning after and saying to their spouse…

“You know, what this country needs isn’t a good five-cent cigar anymore.  What we need is someone who can articulate how to help me gain some 21st Century skills.  I’m voting for Marco!”


Then there was this post-debate gem from someone named “Brooke Sammon” (if that is her real name) that declared…

“Everyone agrees, Marco won.”

No, they don’t.  Indeed, I’m guessing not everyone WORKING for Rubio agrees that he won.

These people seem to believe that if you just say something often and forcefully enough, it will be true.

Intellectually dishonest, to be sure – yet it’s something most politicians do, especially Republicans whose communications staff cut their teeth working for someone inside-the-beltway.

Which further explains why Donald Trump and Ben Carson continue to lead the experienced and professional “articulators” in this race.


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