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The New Counter-Culture Warrior

The following letter-to-the-editor appeared in today’s Record-Courier, in which I’m referred to as “the new counter-culture warrior.” I’m honored!


Nevada Appeal columnist Chuck Muth took out an ad in the April 12 edition calling out Nevada State Assembly Speaker John Oceguera’s plagiarism of other legislators’ work. Sounds like an interesting news story. I wonder if any media types plan to cover it while it’s still news.

The media used to take pride in speaking truth to power. But if a modern day journalist happens to be an ideological ally of the “power” in question, not so much. A while back the Appeal carried a karaoke column tying the Tucson shootings to prominent conservatives, but no outrage for the violence that came from the union thuggery and vandalism in Wisconsin.

A few days ago we were treated to a column justifying the high level of public sector pay. OK, but every dollar they get is first earned in the productive private sector. When are we going to get a column lauding the capitalist schlubs who pay that freight?

The Soviet Union had its useful idiots. At least some in the media appear to be performing that function for the Democrat party and the political left. In the case of Oceguera, he isn’t just an Assemblyman; he’s the Assembly Speaker. Nevada’s voters deserve to know.

If you want to see real rage against the machine, pull up Muth’s ad on his website and see what drawing attention to the unvarnished truth looks like. Chuck Muth, the new counterculture warrior, is doing the work the media walked away from.

Lynn Muzzy



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