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The Nevada GOP’s Political O.J.

Unlike Assemblyboob Mark Sherwood (R-Uranus), Reno Republican blogger Orrin Johnson isn’t a complete idiot. On the other hand, he is a complete hypocrite. A literarily skilled hypocrite; but a hypocrite nonetheless.

In a blog post last September, OJ referred to me as “the decidedly non-Republican Chuck Muth, who so often undermines whatever good work he does for the conservative movement by periodically encouraging and promoting fratricide within the Republican Party to the glee of liberals everywhere.”

You see, in OJ’s mind, at least back in the “old days” (last fall), to be a good conservative apparently meant not criticizing bad Republicans or bad Republican decisions. Well, that was then; this is now. And now OJ is slashing out at a whole host of his fellow Republicans with a vengeance.

At least when I criticize certain Republicans, it’s as a “decidedly non-Republican.” But OJ is a GOP frat brother who apparently believes Reagan’s anti-fratricide 11th Commandment only applies to thee, not to he.

Indeed, take a look at this excerpt from an OJ blog post this week – titled, “Lie, Cheat, and Steal – It’s the Ron Paul Way!” – targeted at fellow Republicans who support Republican presidential candidate/Republican Congressman Ron Paul:

“I recently received an E-mail from a disaffected Ron Paul supporter that Nevada Paul Campaign Chair Carl Bunce recently sent out to his supporters. The long and the short of it is that it’s a battle plan which encourages Paul folks to lie to pollsters to ‘fool’ the Romney campaign, in order to make it easier to shock-’n’-awe their way to a Ron Paul National Convention slate. It’s full of paranoia about information control (Hah! Fail!) and secrecy, with a nice dab of Personality Cult for Doctor Paul.

“Well, secret’s out, you dishonest goofballs. Everyone knows your game. …

“This E-mail provides ample proof that these people don’t care about winning elections or building majorities, but simply want to throw temper tantrums like entitled babies, all the while thinking they’re oh so clever. They don’t just think they’re entitled to vote, they think they have some God-given entitlement to win every election just because they showed up! Honestly – they’re much, much more akin to Occupy Wall Street hippies than any recognizable brand of libertarianism or conservatism.”

Wow, that’s some hissy fit…to the glee of liberals everywhere!

But OJ’s slash-and-burn invective isn’t limited to just Ron Paul Republicans. Indeed, he reserved some of his harshest fratricidal pontification for newly-elected Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald, to the glee of liberals everywhere.

“The Nevada State GOP began hemorrhaging credibility back in October,” OJ wrote a couple days ago, to the glee of liberals everywhere. “With McDonald’s election, they’ve officially eliminated it completely. This will end badly for the state party, and for any politician stupid enough to get to (sic) close to Mr. McDonald.”

OJ continued encouraging and promoting fratricide within the Republican Party to the glee of liberals everywhere by exclaiming Chairman McDonald’s “irredeemable crookedness” while allowing that the former Las Vegas city councilman “can be personable and charming, but then so is any good con man.”

Not satisfied with attacking Ron Paul Republicans and the Nevada Republican Party chairman, OJ then continued his rant by targeting the 2/3 super-majority of members of the Nevada Republican Central Committee who voted for McDonald to be their chairman last Sunday:

“McDonald’s supporters either knew about his track record and are fine with government waste and likely corruption as long as it’s ‘our guy’ doing it, willfully ignored the clear evidence right in front of them, or just uncritically took what he said at face value because it sounded good. …

“(T)his is what happens when you throw a temper tantrum instead of getting serious, doing your homework, persuading instead of bullying, and actually try winning real elections with good candidates…. (Y)ou elect a non-policy-affecting figurehead whose name is synonymous with corruption in politics.

“And Republican elected officials, take heed – someday that picture of you grinning and gripping with McDonald will be on every one of your opponent’s fliers on every doorstep in your district trying to tie you to the latest scandal associated with a guy whose made a habit of scandal.”

Thank goodness OJ opposes “encouraging and promoting fratricide within the Republican Party to the glee of liberals everywhere,” huh?

Like I said…a world-class hypocrite.


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