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The Mother of All Grand Delusions

I was absolutely stunned – STUNNED! – to read the following in an email I received from the Nevada Republican Party this afternoon:

“We’ve just completed a great voter registration effort in Nevada. Thousands of new Republican voters were registered via state GOP efforts in Clark County over the last few weeks, and in Washoe County, Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than 2,000 voters. This is great news heading into a close election, but it makes voter turnout critical.”

Would somebody please remove the crack pipes from the Nevada GOP’s communications office?

Seriously, how could anyone put something as blatantly absurd as this out publicly? The facts (taken directly from the Secretary or State’s website):

• At the close of registration for last May for the primary election, active Democrat voters out-numbered active Republicans statewide by 38,792.

• Four short months later, at the end of September, active registered Democrats outnumbered active registered Republicans statewide by 71,561.

• And it’s continued to get worse every day in October…to the point where, I believe, the current statewide Democrat advantage is over 85,000…well over double the advantage the enjoyed at the time of the primary.

This constitutes “a great voter registration effort”? On what planet?

Worse, how ridiculous is it to boast of a mere 2,000 voter registration lead for Republicans in Washoe County when the current voter lead for Democrats in Clark County is a staggering…123,563!!!

This is “great news”?

No, this is epic fail.

And blowing a tsunami’s worth of Suzy Sunshine up our collective skirts ain’t gonna change that reality.


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